Popular African names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
201 Aoloa African Distinguished person M
202 Aouli African Blue sky M

203 Apara African Nigerian name meaning 'child that comes and goes'. M
204 Apollo African Virile, manly M
205 Apolonio African Virile, manly M
206 Aputsiaq African Snow flying from the sky M
207 Aqissiaq African Like a bird M
208 Aquarius African A bearer of water M
209 Arash African Bright arrow M
210 Arastoo African Knowledgeable, wise M
211 Arathorn African Eagle king M
212 Archan African Devotion and worship M
213 Archelaus African Prince of the people M

214 Archer African Bowman M
215 Archibald African Daring and precious M
216 Archibaldo African Daring and precious M
217 Archie African Daring and precious M
218 Archimedes African Think first M
219 Arda African Post M
220 Ardashir African Who rules with truth M
221 Arden African High, soaring M
222 Aren African Eagle. (Nigerian). M
223 Ares African Battle or strife M
224 Argento African Like silver M
225 Argos African Alert, vigilant M
226 Argus African Alert, vigilant M
227 Argyle African Coming from the land of the Gaels M
228 Aries African Battle or strife M
229 Ariet African Maiden M
230 Arioch African Like a lion M
231 Aristide African Finest M
232 Aristides African Finest, best form M
233 Aristophanes African Brightest M
234 Aristophanes African Brightest M
235 Aristotle African Knowledgeable, wise M
236 Arlen African Oath M
237 Arlington African From the settlement of Alffrith M
238 Arlo African Between two hills M
239 Arman African Longing M
240 Armando African Army man M
241 Armstead African Living next to the house of a hermit M
242 Armstrong African Strong, powerful M
243 Arnaldo African As powerful as an eagle M
244 Arne African As powerful as an eagle M
245 Arnold African As powerful as an eagle M
246 Arran African A person who lives on an island M
247 Arrey African Order M
248 Arrigo African Ruler of the home M
249 Arsen African Virile, potent, strong M
250 Arsenio African Virile, potent, strong M
251 Arslan African Lion M
252 Artair African As strong as a bear M
253 Artemas African Follower M
254 Arthit African Man of the sun M
255 Arthur African As strong as a bear M
256 Artyom African Follower M
257 Arvid African Tree of the eagle M
258 Asagai African Sensitive M
259 Asbjorn African God of bears M
260 Asbury African A fort close to ash trees M
261 Asger African Spear of God M
262 Ashby African Coming from the ash tree farm M
263 Ashcroft African Ash tree farm M
264 Asher African Favorable, lucky M
265 Ashford African Living beside the ash tree ford M
266 Aslan African Lion M
267 Aston African From the east town M
268 Astor African God of thunder M
269 Ata African Ghanian name given to the first-born twin. M
270 Atherton African Coming from Atherton M
271 Atkin African Man M
272 Atlas African He who carries M
273 Atreo African King M
274 Atsu African Ghanian name given to the second-born twin. M
275 Atticus African Coming from Attica M
276 Attila African Small father M
277 Atu African Ghanian name given to a boy born on Saturday. M
278 Atuanya African A surprise; unexpected. (Nigerian). M
279 Auberon African Elf ruler M
280 Aucaman African Condor from wilderness M
281 Auden African Ancient friend M
282 August African Exalted M
283 Augustine African Exalted M
284 Augustino African Exalted M
285 Augustus African Exalted M
286 Aurel African Gilded or golden M
287 Aurelian African Gilded or golden M
288 Aurelio African Gilded or golden M
289 Aurelius African Gilded or golden M
290 Aureo African Gilded or golden M
291 Austin African Exalted M
292 Avellino African Longed for M
293 Avidor African Father of many M
294 Avigdor African Protector, father M
295 Avner African My father is luminous M
296 Axayacatl African Water-faced M
297 Axel African Peace of the father M
298 Axton African From a stone town M
299 Ayberk African High moon M
300 Aydin African Educated M
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