Popular African names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
301 Anane African Ghanian name given to the fourth son born. M
302 Anastacio African Resurrection M

303 Anastasia African Resurrection F
304 Anastazie African Resurrection F
305 Anastazja African Ressurection F
306 Anatoli African From the East M
307 Anaya African Admire God F
308 Anaye African Lord Ganesh F
309 Andras African Virile, manly M
310 Andrea African Daring F
311 Andreas African Virile, manly M
312 Andrei African Virile, manly M
313 Andrew African Virile, manly M

314 Andries African Virile, manly M
315 Andrina African Daring F
316 Andromeda African To be aware of man F
317 Andronicus African Conqueror of all people M
318 Andrzej African Virile, manly M
319 Andwele African Tanzanian name meaning 'God brings me'. M
320 Ane African Gracious, merciful F
321 Aneta African Gracious, merciful F
322 Anfisa African Flower girl F
323 Angus African Unique choice M
324 Ania African Gracious, merciful F
325 Anial African Tight Assed M
326 Aniko African Breeze F
327 Aniweta African Nigerian name meaning 'brought by a spirit'. M
328 Aniyah African Variant of Anaya F
329 Anjanette African Gracious, merciful F
330 Anka African Gracious, merciful F
331 Anna African Gracious, merciful F
332 Annabel African Adorable F
333 Anne African Gracious, merciful F
334 Anneke African Gracious, merciful F
335 Anneli African Gracious, merciful F
336 Annemarie African Gracious, rebellious woman F
337 Annette African Gracious, merciful F
338 Annikki African Gracious, merciful F
339 Annukka African Gracious, merciful F
340 Annunzio African Proclamation M
341 Anong African Gorgeous woman F
342 Anoni African One With The ALL M
343 Anouk African Gracious, merciful F
344 Ansgar African Spear of god M
345 Ansley African From the field of hermits F
346 Anson African Son of Agnes M
347 Antal African Worthy of admiration or praise M
348 Anthea African Blooming flower F
349 Anthony African Worthy of admiration or praise M
350 Antigone African Against being mother F
351 Antiman African Like a condor in the sun M
352 Antinanco African Like an eagle in the sun M
353 Antione African Highly Praiseworthy M
354 Antoine African Worthy of admiration or praise M
355 Antoinette African Invaluable F
356 Anton African Worthy of admiration or praise M
357 Antoni African Worthy of admiration or praise M
358 Antonia African Invaluable F
359 Antonia African Invaluable F
360 Antonio African Worthy of admiration or praise M
361 Antonius African Worthy of admiration or praise M
362 Anuba African A Gift From a God F
363 Anuhea African Mist of coolness F
364 Anum African Ghanian name given to the fifth born child. M
365 Aoibheann African From a glossy place F
366 Aolani African Heavenly or beautiful cloud M
367 Aoloa African Distinguished person M
368 Aouli African Blue sky M
369 Apara African Nigerian name meaning 'child that comes and goes'. M
370 Apollo African Virile, manly M
371 Apolonio African Virile, manly M
372 Apphia African Ascending F
373 Aputsiaq African Snow flying from the sky M
374 Aqila African Clever, bright F
375 Aqissiaq African Like a bird M
376 Aquarius African A bearer of water M
377 Arabella African Adorable F
378 Araceli African Altar in the sky F
379 Araminta African Unclear F
380 Aranka African Golden F
381 Arash African Bright arrow M
382 Arastoo African Knowledgeable, wise M
383 Arathorn African Eagle king M
384 Archan African Devotion and worship M
385 Archelaus African Prince of the people M
386 Archer African Bowman M
387 Archibald African Daring and precious M
388 Archibaldo African Daring and precious M
389 Archie African Daring and precious M
390 Archimedes African Think first M
391 Arda African Post M
392 Ardashir African Who rules with truth M
393 Ardath African Blooming field F
394 Ardella African Blooming field F
395 Arden African High, soaring M
396 Aren African Eagle. (Nigerian). M
397 Ares African Battle or strife M
398 Areum African Beautiful F
399 Argento African Like silver M
400 Argos African Alert, vigilant M
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