Popular African names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1801 Trine African Chaste, pure F
1802 Trinity African Triad, trinity F

1803 Trista African Filled with sadness F
1804 Trixie African Voyager F
1805 Tryphena African Fine, delicate F
1806 Tryphosa African Fine, delicate F
1807 Tsarihanna African Empress F
1808 Tupaarnaq African Wild herb F
1809 Turid African Good-looking F
1810 Tuyen African Ray F
1811 Twila African Dusk, twilight F
1812 Tyne African River F
1813 Tyra African Like a thunder F

1814 Ubon African Lotus flower F
1815 Ukaleq African Hare from Arctic F
1816 Ula African Strong as a little bear F
1817 Uliana African Soft-haired F
1818 Ulla African Powerful and prosperous F
1819 Ulloriaq African Star-like F
1820 Ulrika African Powerful and prosperous F
1821 Ululani African Divine inspiration F
1822 Ulyssa African Detesting F
1823 Umeko African Child of a plum F
1824 Una African One F
1825 Undine African From the waves F
1826 Unice African Victory of goodness F
1827 Unique African One and only F
1828 Unity African Oneness F
1829 Uqalik African Hare from Arctic F
1830 Urania African Divine F
1831 Urbana African The one who lives in the city F
1832 Uschi African Strong as a little bear F
1833 Ute African Riches F
1834 Vada African Wiseness F
1835 Valda African Powerful ruler F
1836 Valencia African Strength, power F
1837 Valentina African Strong and sound F
1838 Valuable-precious African Fair, white F
1839 Vana African God is merciful F
1840 Vanessa African Unclear F
1841 Varvara African Stranger, foreigner F
1842 Varya African Stranger, foreigner F
1843 Vashti African Excellent, beautiful F
1844 Vasilisa African Vasilisa F
1845 Velma African Stout protector F
1846 Velvet African Velvet-like F
1847 Venetia African From Venetia F
1848 Venus African Love and desire F
1849 Vera African Verity, truth F
1850 Verda African Truth F
1851 Verity African Truth, verity F
1852 Verna African Of the alder tree F
1853 Verochka African Verity, truth F
1854 Verona African Unclear F
1855 Verusha African Verity, truth F
1856 Vesta African Born near a fireplace F
1857 Veva African Leader of the tribe F
1858 Victoria African Woman of victory F
1859 Vilma African Stout protector F
1860 Vincenza African The one who conquered F
1861 Viola African Violet flower F
1862 Violet African Violet flower F
1863 Viona African Fair woman F
1864 Virginia African Virgin woman F
1865 Vita African Filled with life F
1866 Vitaliya African Full of life F
1867 Vitoria African Woman of victory F
1868 Vladimira African Greatest ruler F
1869 Vladislava African Famous ruler F
1870 Vonda African From the Vandal tribe F
1871 Waiola African Violet flower F
1872 Walentyna African Strong and sound F
1873 Wanda African From the Vandal tribe F
1874 Wanzi African Enthusiasm F
1875 Wednesday African Mercury day F
1876 Well-born-child African Unclear F
1877 Wendy African Unclear F
1878 Wera African Victory bearer F
1879 Whitley African From a white clearing F
1880 Wikolia African Woman of victory F
1881 Wilda African Feral, wild F
1882 Wilhelmina African Stout protector F
1883 Willa African Will to protect F
1884 Willow African Willow tree F
1885 Wilma African Stout protector F
1886 Winifred African Who makes friends with peace F
1887 Winona African The oldest daughter F
1888 Winter African Season of winter F
1889 Woman-from-Adria African Woman from Adria F
1890 Xandra African Protector of humanity F
1891 Xanthe African Fair-haired F
1892 Xaviera African Brand new home F
1893 Xenia African Woman of hospitality F
1894 Xhosa African Sweet. (South African). F
1895 Ximena African One who has heard F
1896 Xiomara African Glorious in war F
1897 Xiu African Charming F
1898 Xochitl African Blossom Like F
1899 Xuxa African Lily F
1900 Xylia African From the woods F
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