Popular African names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
201 Aynur African Moon shining F
202 Aysel African Moon stream F

203 Azalea African Withered flower F
204 Aziza African Precious. (Swahili). F
205 Babs African Stranger, foreigner F
206 Bara African Stranger, foreigner F
207 Barabal African Stranger, foreigner F
208 Barbara African Stranger, foreigner F
209 Beathag African Living F
210 Beatrice African Voyager F
211 Beatrix African Voyager F
212 Beatrycze African Voyager F
213 Beautiful African Longed for F

214 Becky African One who ties and joins F
215 Bedelia African Powerful, strong F
216 Beileag African Promise of God F
217 Beitris African Voyager F
218 Belva African Lovely view F
219 Bengta African The blessed one F
220 Bergljot African Light will save F
221 Berit African Powerful, strong F
222 Bertha African Brilliant, bright F
223 Beryl African Gemstone F
224 Betje African Promise of God F
225 Bettina African Promise of God F
226 Beulah African One who is married F
227 Beverly African Coming from the stream of beavers F
228 Beyonce African Of Beyince F
229 Beyza African Extremely white F
230 Bijou African Jewel-like F
231 Bilhah African Shy, timid F
232 Birgit African Powerful, strong F
233 Birgitta African Powerful, strong F
234 Birte African Powerful, strong F
235 Blanca African The white one F
236 Blanche African The white one F
237 Blanka African The white one F
238 Blossom African Blossom F
239 Bluma African Flower-like F
240 Blythe African Joyful F
241 Bodil African Battle will cure F
242 Bogdana African Lord has rendered F
243 Borghild African Defence in battle F
244 Braelyn African Unclear F
245 Branca African The white one F
246 Brandy African Distilled wine F
247 Brechtje African Bright F
248 Bree African Higher power F
249 Brenna African Sword F
250 Bridget African Powerful, strong F
251 Brigida African Powerful, strong F
252 Brisa African Unclear F
253 Brita African Powerful, strong F
254 Brooke African From a stream F
255 Brooklyn African From the land of the broken F
256 Brunhild African Like battle armor F
257 Brynn African From a hilly land F
258 Bryony African Flowering plant F
259 Buena African Woman of good F
260 Buffy African Promise of God F
261 Burcu African Of sweet scent F
262 Busarakham African Yellow sapphire F
263 Cadence African Beat, rhythm F
264 Cairistiona African Christian woman F
265 Caitlin African Chaste, pure F
266 Caitriona African Chaste, pure F
267 Cajsa African Chaste, pure F
268 Calandra African Lark F
269 Calanthe African Pretty flower F
270 Calfuray African Flower of purple F
271 Calista African Woman of most beauty F
272 Calla African Loveliness F
273 Callie African Free woman F
274 Cam African Orange fruit F
275 Camellia African Flowering plant F
276 Canan African Darling F
277 Candace African White, clear F
278 Candida African White, clear F
279 Caoimhe African Pretty, gentle F
280 Capriana African Unclear F
281 Caridad African Love and generosity F
282 Carin African Chaste, pure F
283 Caris African Gracious, kind F
284 Carissa African Gracious, kind F
285 Carita African Loving F
286 Carla African Free woman F
287 Carlene African Free woman F
288 Carlota African Free woman F
289 Carly African Free woman F
290 Carmel African Garden of God F
291 Carmella African Garden of God F
292 Carmen African Garden of God F
293 Carola African Free woman F
294 Carolien African Free woman F
295 Carolina African Free woman F
296 Catalina African Chaste, pure F
297 Catia African Chaste, pure F
298 Catrina African Chaste, pure F
299 Catriona African Chaste, pure F
300 Cecilia African Blinded F
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