Popular Armenian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abhisoghom Armenian Armenian form of Absalom M
2 Abiezer Armenian My Father Is Help F

3 Abisoghom Armenian Armenian form of Absalom M
4 AchIk Armenian Eye F
5 Aetios Armenian Original Ancient Greek form of Aetius M
6 Aghasi Armenian Agha An Honorific For High Officials M
7 Aghaton Armenian Albanian form of Agathon M
8 Aghavni Armenian Dove F
9 Aghgyul Armenian Rose F
10 Aghunik Armenian Diminutive form of Aghani F
11 Aghuveh Armenian Sublime M
12 Aghvan Armenian Caucasian Albanian M
13 Agrippas Armenian Armenian and Old Armenian form of Agrippa M

14 Alek Armenian Variant of Alex M
15 Aleksan Armenian Armenian Short Form of Aleksandr M
16 Aleksandr Armenian Russian and Armenian form of Alexander M
17 Alenoush Armenian Sweet Ripple M
18 Alexan Armenian Variant of Aleksan M
19 Alik Armenian Armenian Diminutive of Aleksandr M
20 Alin Armenian Bearer of Light M
21 Almast Armenian Diamond F
22 Alvard Armenian Rose M
23 Alvart Armenian Variant of Alvard M
24 Ambakum Armenian Armenian form of Habakkuk M
25 Anahid Armenian Armenian form of Diana the moon goddess. F
26 Anahit Armenian Armenian form of Anahita F
27 Anahit Armenian Armenian form of Anahita F
28 Anaida Armenian Variant form of Anahid M
29 Anaide Armenian Gallicized form of the Armenian given name Anaida M
30 Ananux Armenian Mint F
31 Anayis Armenian Variant form of Anahid F
32 Andranik Armenian Older, Senior M
33 Andronik Armenian Serbian And Ukrainian Form of Andronikos M
34 Ani Armenian Unknown F
35 Ankine Armenian Valuable. F
36 Ankos Armenian Armenian form of Ancus M
37 Annman Armenian Unmatched, Inimitable M
38 Anoush Armenian Sweet tempered. F
39 Antaram Armenian Unfading, Brilliant, Everlasting M
40 Antiokos Armenian Armenian form of Antiochus M
41 Antiokos Armenian Armenian form of Antiochus M
42 Antistenes Armenian Armenian form of Antisthenes M
43 Antranig Armenian First born. M
44 Antreas Armenian Variant of Andreas M
45 Anush Armenian Sweet F
46 Anushavan Armenian Sweet Town M
47 Anushik Armenian Diminutive of Anush M
48 Anzhel Armenian Variant of Angel M
49 Anzhik Armenian Diminutive form of Anzhela F
50 Apirat Armenian Wicked M
51 Appianos Armenian Armenian form of Appian M
52 Appios Armenian Armenian form of Appius M
53 Apres Armenian Well Done M
54 Apreshum Armenian Silk F
55 Ara Armenian Unknown M
56 Ara Armenian Unknown M
57 Araik Armenian Alternate Transcription of Arayik M
58 Arakel Armenian Sent M
59 Araksi Armenian Variant of Arax F
60 Aram Armenian Excellence M
61 Aramayis Armenian To Strive M
62 Aramazd Armenian From a combination of the mythological figures Ara M
63 Aramuhi Armenian Excellent Lady F
64 Aravni Armenian Allegedly an Anglicization of Aghavni F
65 Arax Armenian From the name of an Armenian river, also called the Aras F
66 Araxia Armenian Variant of Arax F
67 Araxie Armenian Variant of Araksi F
68 Arayik Armenian Diminutive of Ara M
69 Ardemis Armenian Armenian variant form of Artemis F
70 Ardziv Armenian Eagle M
71 Ardzvig Armenian Young Eagle F
72 Areg Armenian Sun M
73 Areknaz Armenian Sweet, Coy F
74 Areknazan Armenian Affection, Coquetry F
75 Areni Armenian Sun F
76 Arev Armenian Sun M
77 Arevig Armenian Alternate transcription of Armenian Arevik F
78 Arevik Armenian Like The Sun F
79 Argisht Armenian Very old name M
80 Ari Armenian Brave M
81 Arios Armenian Armenian form of Arius M
82 Aristakes Armenian Resurrection of The Dead M
83 Arka Armenian King of kings M
84 Arkam Armenian Strength M
85 Arkay Armenian King M
86 Arkimed Armenian Armenian form of Archimedes M
87 Arman Armenian Variant of Armen M
88 Armav Armenian Date Fruit F
89 Armen Armenian Armenian. M
90 Armenak Armenian Variant of Aramaneak M
91 Armenouhie Armenian Woman from Armenia. F
92 Armenuhi Armenian From The Name Armen F
93 Armine Armenian Feminine form of Armen F
94 Arpenik Armenian Solar, Bright, Luminous F
95 Arpina Armenian Rising of Sun F
96 Arsen Armenian Armenian form of Arsenios M
97 Arshag Armenian Bear Uub M
98 Arshakuhi Armenian Feminine form of Arshak F
99 Arshalouys Armenian Variant of Arshaluys F
100 Arshaluys Armenian Dawn M
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