Popular Armenian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
301 Heghineh Armenian Armenian form of Helen F
302 Henrig Armenian Variant of Henrik M

303 Henrik Armenian Form of Henry M
304 Henrikh Armenian Armenian And Georgian Form of Henry M
305 Heros Armenian Hero M
306 Hetum Armenian A borrowed name of uncertain origin M
307 Hezig Armenian Friendly F
308 Hmayag Armenian Talisman M
309 Hnazant Armenian Obedient, Docile F
310 Hosep Armenian Variant of Hovsep M
311 Houri Armenian Flames F
312 Hourig Armenian Alternate transcription of Armenian Hurik F
313 Hourig Armenian Alternate transcription of Armenian Hurik F

314 Hova Armenian Wind F
315 Hovagem Armenian Armenian form of Joachim M
316 Hovagim Armenian Variant of Hovakim M
317 Hovah Armenian Armenian form of Jehovah M
318 Hovahnnes Armenian Variant of Hovhannes M
319 Hovakim Armenian Armenian form of Joachim M
320 Hovan Armenian God's gift. M
321 Hovanoush Armenian Sweet Wind F
322 Hoven Armenian God's gift. M
323 Hovhaness Armenian God's gift. M
324 Hovhanna Armenian Armenian feminine form of John F
325 Hovhannes Armenian Armenian form of John M
326 Hovig Armenian Variant transcription of Hovik M
327 Hovik Armenian Diminutive of Hovhannes M
328 Hovnan Armenian Armenian form of Jonha M
329 Hovnatan Armenian Armenian form of Jonathan M
330 Hovo Armenian Diminutive of Hovhannes M
331 Hovsep Armenian Armenian form of Joseph. M
332 Hrachuhi Armenian Feminine diminutive of Hrachya F
333 Hrachya Armenian Fire-Eyed M
334 Hrachya Armenian Fire F
335 Hrad Armenian Mars M
336 Hradzin Armenian Born From Fire F
337 Hrag Armenian Fire M
338 Hrahat Armenian Red-Seeded M
339 Hrair Armenian Variant transcription of Hrayr M
340 Hrant Armenian Fiery Field M
341 Hranush Armenian Sweet F
342 Hrayr Armenian Man M
343 Hrut Armenian Armenian form of Ruth F
344 Hudit Armenian Armenian form of Judith F
345 Huliane Armenian Armenian form of Juliane F
346 Hurik Armenian Small Fire F
347 Husik Armenian Modern form of Yusik M
348 Ichkhan Armenian Prince M
349 Imasdun Armenian Wise M
350 Imastuhi Armenian Sense, Meaning, Understanding, Judgement F
351 Isahag Armenian Variant of Isahak M
352 Ishkanouhi Armenian Princess F
353 Ishkhan Armenian Prince M
354 Iskuhi Armenian Reality, Verity F
355 Israyel Armenian Armenian form of Israel M
356 Izmirlian Armenian From Izmir. M
357 Janpolad Armenian Steel M
358 Jbduhi Armenian Smiling, Smiler F
359 Jirair Armenian Hard working. M
360 Jorjik Armenian Possibly A Form of George M
361 Joudig Armenian Little Chick F
362 K-Senop-Anes Armenian Armenian form of Xenophanes M
363 K-Senop-On Armenian Armenian form of Xenophon M
364 Kachar Armenian Brave M
365 Kachazor Armenian Very Strong, Powerful M
366 Kachazun Armenian Noble, Valiant M
367 Kachig Armenian Proper M
368 Kakav Armenian Partridge F
369 Kalusd Armenian Advent, Arrival M
370 Kami Armenian Wind M
371 Kanook Armenian Canuck M
372 Kants Armenian Treasure M
373 Kanush Armenian Diminutive form of Haykanush F
374 Kapriel Armenian Armenian form of Gabriel M
375 Karayan Armenian Dark. M
376 Karekin Armenian Western Armenian transcription of Garegin M
377 Karen Armenian Western Armenian transcription of Garen M
378 Karnig Armenian Lambkin M
379 Karo Armenian Amenian diminutive and Central Kurdish form of Karapet M
380 Karoun Armenian Spring F
381 Karyam Armenian The Dark One F
382 Kasbar Armenian Armenian form of Caspar M
383 Katar Armenian Summit, Crest F
384 Katil Armenian Drop, Raindrop F
385 Kayane Armenian Variant Transcription of Gayane F
386 Kaytsak Armenian Lightning, Thunder, Spark M
387 Kchazoun Armenian Brave M
388 Keghadzin Armenian Birth F
389 Keghart Armenian Alternate transcription of Armenian Geghard M
390 Keghon Armenian Ballad M
391 Keneka Armenian Beautiful Natural Spirit of Love of God F
392 Kevork Armenian Farmer. M
393 Khachatur Armenian Given By The Cross M
394 Khachig Armenian Small cross. M
395 Khachik Armenian Diminutive of Khachatur M
396 Khachuhi Armenian Little Cross F
397 Khajag Armenian Alternate transcription of Armenian Khazhak M
398 Khangeni Armenian Elemi Tree, Incense Tree F
399 Khazhak Armenian Blue-Eyed M
400 Khonarh Armenian Humble F
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