Popular Armenian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
601 Sahag Armenian Variant of Sahak M
602 Sahak Armenian Armenian form of Isaac. M

603 Sako Armenian Diminutive of Sargis M
604 Samvel Armenian Armenian form of Samuel M
605 Sanasar Armenian Sacred Mountain M
606 Sargis Armenian Armenian form of Sergius M
607 Sarig Armenian Blackbird F
608 Sarik Armenian Diminutive form of Sara F
609 Sarin Armenian Mountain Maiden F
610 Sarine Armenian Princess F
611 Sarkis Armenian Protector; shepherd. M
612 Sarkis Armenian Alternate transcription of Armenian Sargis M
613 Saro Armenian Blonde Prince M

614 Satenik Armenian Amber F
615 Satik Armenian Diminutive form of Satenik F
616 Satineh Armenian Amber F
617 Sato Armenian Amber F
618 Savgyul Armenian Dear, Beloved F
619 Sdepan Armenian Variant of Stepan M
620 Sepuh Armenian Sepuh M
621 Ser Armenian Love, Affection F
622 Serik Armenian Diminutive form of Ser F
623 Serpuhi Armenian Holy. F
624 Serzh Armenian Phonetic Transcription of Serge M
625 Set Armenian Armenian form of Seth M
626 Sevada Armenian Modern Form of Sewaday M
627 Sevag Armenian Black-Eyed M
628 Sevan Armenian Lake M
629 Sevana Armenian Feminine form of Sevan F
630 Seyran Armenian Pleasure Walk, Country Trip M
631 Shaghik Armenian Dew F
632 Shahen Armenian Goshawk M
633 Shakar Armenian Sugar M
634 Shakar Armenian Sugar F
635 Shalu Armenian Diminutive form of Arshaluys M
636 Shamam Armenian Sweet Melon F
637 Shamiram Armenian Assyrian and Armenian form of Semiramis F
638 Shant Armenian Lightning M
639 Shapuh Armenian Armenian form of Shapur M
640 Sharan Armenian Glean M
641 Shavarsh Armenian Modern form of Shawarsh M
642 Shavasp Armenian Modern form of Shawasp M
643 Shiraz Armenian Free As A Lion M
644 Shnorhali Armenian Graceful, Charming M
645 Shnorhig Armenian Feminine form of Shnork F
646 Shnork Armenian Graceful M
647 Shoghakat Armenian Splendour, Stream of Light F
648 Shousnan Armenian Armenian form of Susan meaning lily. White lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia. F
649 Shushan Armenian Lily F
650 Shushanik Armenian Diminutive of Shushan F
651 Shushik Armenian Variant diminutive form of Shushan F
652 Sibil Armenian She Who Is a Sibyl F
653 Sirakan Armenian Affectionate, Beloved M
654 Siramarg Armenian Peacock F
655 Siran Armenian Beautiful. F
656 Siranush Armenian Lovely F
657 Sirarpie Armenian Love F
658 Sirpuhi Armenian Holy. F
659 Siruhi Armenian Sweetheart F
660 Sirune Armenian Variant form of Sirun F
661 Sirvard Armenian Love Rose F
662 Sirvat Armenian Beautiful rose. F
663 Sirwvart Armenian Alternate transcription of Armenian Sirvard F
664 Sisakuhi Armenian Feminine form of Sisak F
665 Smbat Armenian Related to Sinbad M
666 Smbatanush Armenian Sweet F
667 Smbatuhi Armenian Feminine form of Smbat F
668 Smbul Armenian Armenian form of Sunbul F
669 Sokhag Armenian Nightingale F
670 Sona Armenian Unknown F
671 Sosi Armenian Palm Tree F
672 Spandar Armenian Short form of Spandarat M
673 Spandarat Armenian Armenian form of Esfandiar M
674 Spartak Armenian Form of Spartacus M
675 Srapion Armenian Armenian form of Serapion M
676 Srbuhi Armenian Holy Woman, Female Saint F
677 Stepan Armenian Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian form of Stephen M
678 Suren Armenian Strong M
679 Susambar Armenian Costmary F
680 Susanik Armenian Variant transcription of Shushanik F
681 Tachat Armenian Swift, Strong M
682 Tachatuhi Armenian Feminine form of the Old Amerian name Tachat F
683 Taguhi Armenian Queen F
684 Tahmaz Armenian Armenian form of Tahmasp M
685 Takavor Armenian King M
686 Takouhi Armenian Queen. F
687 Takvor Armenian Crowned M
688 Talar Armenian Green F
689 Taleen Armenian Variant of Talene F
690 Talene Armenian Anglicized form of Taline F
691 Talin Armenian Unknown F
692 Taline Armenian Alternate transcription of Armenian Talin F
693 Taniel Armenian Western Armenian transcription of Daniel M
694 Tapni Armenian Laurel F
695 Tateos Armenian Armenian Form of Thaddeus M
696 Tatevik Armenian Armenian feminine name derived from Tatev F
697 Tatul Armenian Paw M
698 Tavit Armenian Armenian form of David M
699 Teghtsanig Armenian Canary Bird F
700 Tehmine Armenian Armenian form of Tahmina F
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