Popular Basque names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aaritz Basque From Basque haritz meaning oak tree M
2 Abene Basque Pillar It is a Basque equivalent F

3 Adiran Basque From the Adriatic. M
4 Ager Basque Gatherer. M
5 Agurne Basque Greeting, Salutation F
6 Agurtzane Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
7 Agurtzane Basque Greeting, Salutation F
8 Ainara Basque Variant of Enara. F
9 Aingeni Basque Messenger. M
10 Aingeru Basque Basque form of Angelus M
11 Ainhoa Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
12 Aintzane Basque Glory. F
13 Aitor Basque Good fathers from Basque aita M

14 Aitziber Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
15 Akil Basque From the Akil. M
16 Alaia Basque Oyful, Happy in Basque F
17 Alazne Basque Miracle. F
18 Alesander Basque Basque form of Alexander M
19 Alesandese Basque Basque feminine form of Alesander: helper of man. F
20 Alona Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
21 Amaia Basque End. F
22 Amaya Basque Variant of Amaia. F
23 Amets Basque Dream in Basque M
24 Ander Basque Basque form of Andrew. M
25 Andere Basque Feminine form of Ander. F
26 Ane Basque Basque form of Anna. F
27 Anne Basque and is still used to this day F
28 Anthony Basque He adds or priceless. M
29 Antton Basque Praiseworthy. M
30 Arama Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
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