Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aaron Biblical High Mountain M
2 Abacuc Biblical Form of Habakkuk M

3 Abaddon Biblical The destroyer M
4 Abagtha Biblical Father of the wine-press M
5 Abarim Biblical Passages, passengers M
6 Abba Biblical Father M
7 Abdeel Biblical Variant of Abdiel M
8 Abdi Biblical My servant. M
9 Abdiah Biblical Worshipper of Yahweh M
10 Abdias Biblical Form of Obadiah M
11 Abdiel Biblical Servant of God M
12 Abdiou Biblical Form of Obadiah M
13 Abdon Biblical Servant; cloud of judgment M

14 Abednego Biblical Servant of light; shining M
15 Abel Biblical Breath M
16 Abel-beth-maachah Biblical Mourning to the house of Maachah. M
17 Abel-maim Biblical Mourning of waters. M
18 Abel-meholah Biblical Mourning of sickness. M
19 Abel-mizraim Biblical The mourning of Egyptians. M
20 Abel-shittim Biblical Mourning of thorns. M
21 Abenner Biblical Form of Abner M
22 Abessa Biblical Form of Abishai M
23 Abessalom Biblical Form of Absalom M
24 Abez Biblical An egg, muddy. M
25 Abi Biblical My father M
26 Abi-albon Biblical Most intelligent father M
27 Abia Biblical Form of Abijah M
28 Abiasaph Biblical Consuming father; gathering M
29 Abiasaph Biblical To Gather M
30 Abiathar Biblical Excellent father; father of the remnant M
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