Popular Biblical names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
31 Abez Biblical An egg, muddy. F
32 Abez Biblical An egg, muddy. M

33 Abi Biblical My father M
34 Abi-albon Biblical Most intelligent father M
35 Abi-Albon Biblical Father of Strength F
36 Abia Biblical Biblical Greek and Latin form of Abijah F
37 Abia Biblical Form of Abijah M
38 Abiah Biblical The Lord is my father. F
39 Abiasaph Biblical Consuming father; gathering M
40 Abiasaph Biblical To Gather M
41 Abiathar Biblical Excellent father; father of the remnant M
42 Abib Biblical Green fruit, ears of corn. F
43 Abib Biblical Green fruit, ears of corn. M

44 Abichayil Biblical My Father is Might M
45 Abidah Biblical Father of knowledge M
46 Abidan Biblical My Father Is Judge F
47 Abiel Biblical God my father M
48 Abiezer Biblical Father of help M
49 Abigaia Biblical Greek form of Abigail F
50 Abigail Biblical The father's joy F
51 Abigaili Biblical Swahili form of Abigail F
52 Abigal Biblical Variant of Abigail F
53 Abihail Biblical The father of strength M
54 Abihu Biblical He is my father M
55 Abihud Biblical Father of praise; confession M
56 Abihud Biblical The Father Is Glory M
57 Abijah Biblical The Lord is my father. M
58 Abijah Biblical My Father F
59 Abijam Biblical Father of the sea M
60 Abilene Biblical The father of mourning M
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