Popular Cambodian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 A'idah Cambodian Guest, The One Who's Returning F
2 Achariya Cambodian Wonderful, Marvelous F

3 Acharya Cambodian Wonderful, Marvelous M
4 Akara Cambodian Letter F
5 Akra Cambodian Letter M
6 Amara Cambodian Deity M
7 Anchali Cambodian Hand F
8 Anchaly Cambodian Hand M
9 Arun Cambodian Sun. M
10 Arunny Cambodian Morning Sun F
11 Ary Cambodian Knowledge F
12 Atith Cambodian Sunny Day; Sunday M
13 Bona Cambodian Boy, Man M

14 Bopha Cambodian Flower F
15 Bora Cambodian Ancient M
16 Boran Cambodian Ancient M
17 Borey Cambodian Country, Great City M
18 Botum Cambodian A Princess F
19 Boupha Cambodian Like A Flower F
20 Bourey Cambodian Country, Great City M
21 Bunroeun Cambodian The Country M
22 Chakara Cambodian Center of Energy M
23 Chakra Cambodian Center of Energy M
24 Champei Cambodian Frangipani Flowers F
25 Champey Cambodian Frangipani Flowers F
26 Chamroeun Cambodian Prosperity F
27 Chamroeun Cambodian Prosperity M
28 Chan Cambodian Moon, Monday F
29 Chankrisna Cambodian Tree. M
30 Chankrisna Cambodian A Sweet-Smelling Tree F
31 Chanlina Cambodian Moonlight F
32 Chanmony Cambodian Shines Like The Moon F
33 Chann Cambodian The Moon M
34 Channary Cambodian Moon Faced F
35 Chanthavy Cambodian Beautiful Moon Girl F
36 Chanthou Cambodian Flower M
37 Chantou Cambodian Flower F
38 Chantrea Cambodian Moon F
39 Chantrea Cambodian Moonlight M
40 Chanvatey Cambodian Educated Person, Scholar F
41 Chanvatey Cambodian Educated Person, Scholar M
42 Chariya Cambodian Good Character F
43 Charya Cambodian Good Character M
44 Chavy Cambodian Little Angel F
45 Chaya Cambodian Glorious, Praise F
46 Chea Cambodian To Be Well, Healthy M
47 Chenda Cambodian Thought, Intelligence F
48 Chhaiya Cambodian Image, Beautiful Light F
49 Chhay Cambodian Attractive, Charming M
50 Chhaya Cambodian Image, Beautiful Light M
51 Chhean Cambodian Meditation F
52 Chhorvin Cambodian Glamorous F
53 Chhorvon Cambodian Glamorous F
54 Chivy Cambodian Life F
55 Choum Cambodian Refreshingly Beautiful F
56 Da Cambodian Rock, Stone M
57 Daevy Cambodian Angel F
58 Dara Cambodian Stars. M
59 Dara Cambodian Star F
60 Darany Cambodian Stars M
61 Darareaksmey Cambodian Bright Star F
62 Davi Cambodian Angel F
63 Davuth Cambodian Money M
64 Devi Cambodian Angel M
65 Fenale Cambodian The Lost Part of Program F
66 heaven Cambodian Heaven M
67 Heng Cambodian Lucky M
68 Jorani Cambodian Radiant Jewel F
69 Kalianne Cambodian Sweet Darling F
70 Kaliyanei Cambodian Beautiful, Lovely F
71 Kalliyan Cambodian Classy Woman F
72 Kanleakhana Cambodian Possessing Character F
73 Kannareth Cambodian A Beautiful Quality F
74 Kanya Cambodian Beauty, Virgin Girl F
75 Kesor Cambodian Heavenly Lady F
76 Khean Cambodian Type of Flute Panpipe M
77 Khemera Cambodian From Cambodia M
78 Kiri Cambodian Mountain Peak M
79 Kolab Cambodian Pretty Rose Flower F
80 Kolthida Cambodian Noble-Born Woman F
81 Kong-Kea Cambodian Big Water M
82 Kosal Cambodian Clever, Magical M
83 Kravann Cambodian Tiny Golden Brown Flower F
84 Kravann Cambodian Tiny Golden Brown Flower M
85 Kun-Thea Cambodian Sweet Smelling, Good Deed F
86 Kunthea Cambodian Beautiful Fragrance F
87 Leakena Cambodian Characteristic, Quality F
88 Leap Cambodian Good Fortune, Success F
89 Leap Cambodian Good Fortune, Success M
90 Mach Cambodian Melodious F
91 Makara Cambodian January F
92 Makara Cambodian January M
93 Malis Cambodian Southeast Asian Jasmine F
94 Maly Cambodian Blossom F
95 Many Cambodian Precious Stone, Gem M
96 Mao Cambodian Dark Skin M
97 Mau Cambodian Dark Skin F
98 Meaker Cambodian Greatest M
99 Mealea Cambodian Flower Garland F
100 Mean Cambodian Wealthy F
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