Popular Celtic names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aanor Celtic Variant of Azenor F
2 Aaue Celtic To Live F

3 Abaigeal Celtic Irish form of Abigail F
4 Abban Celtic Little Abbot M
5 Aberfa Celtic From The Mouth of The River F
6 Abertha Celtic Sacrifice F
7 Abhlach Celtic Having Apple Trees F
8 Abiageal Celtic Irish form of Abigail F
9 Adair Celtic From the ford by the oak trees. M
10 Adan Celtic To Be Red M
11 Adda Celtic Man M
12 Adenora Celtic Breton form of Eleonore F
13 Aderyn Celtic Bird F

14 Adeus Celtic Fire M
15 Adhamh Celtic To Make M
16 Adhamhan Celtic To Make M
17 Adraborann Celtic Feminine form of Aldebaran F
18 Adwen Celtic White, Fair, Blessed F
19 Aedan Celtic Anglicized form of Aedan M
20 Aedd Celtic Fire M
21 Aedin Celtic Little Flame F
22 Aednat Celtic Possibly Related To Aodh F
23 Ael Celtic Angel M
24 Aela Celtic Feminine form of Ael F
25 Aelez Celtic Angels F
26 Aelhaeran Celtic Iron M
27 Aelod Celtic Wealth, Fortune M
28 Aelwen Celtic White Fair Blessed F
29 Aelwenn Celtic White, Fair, Blessed F
30 Aenghus Celtic Variant of Aonghus M
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