Popular Cornish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Adhawynn Cornish Cornish form of Dwynwen F
2 Advent Cornish Anglicized form of Adhwynn M

3 Adwen Cornish White, Fair, Blessed F
4 Alianora Cornish Variant of Eleonora F
5 Arthek Cornish Bear M
6 Arthyen Cornish Cornish form of Arthen M
7 Aswen Cornish Variant of Adhawynn F
8 Austol Cornish Unknown M
9 Bennath Cornish Blessing F
10 Berlewen Cornish Morning Star F
11 Bersaba Cornish Cornish form of Bathsheba F
12 Beryan Cornish Cornish form of Buriana F
13 Blejan Cornish Flower in Cornish F

14 Borlewen Cornish Variant of Erlewen F
15 Breok Cornish Cornish form of Briac M
16 Bryluen Cornish Rrose in Cornish F
17 Cadok Cornish Cornish form of Cadoc M
18 Caja Cornish Daisy in Cornish F
19 Caradok Cornish Variant of Caradog M
20 Carenza Cornish Lady Carenza of the lovely F
21 Casek Cornish Variant of Cadok M
22 Catuvellaunus Cornish The One Who mnos Leads weln M
23 Chesten Cornish Cornish form of Christine F
24 Clemmo Cornish Variant of Clemo M
25 Clemmo Cornish Variant of Clemo F
26 Clemo Cornish Cornish diminutive of Clement M
27 Clemo Cornish Cornish diminutive of Clement F
28 Clesek Cornish Close M
29 Corentyn Cornish Cornish form of Corentin M
30 Credan Cornish Is named for another Saint Credan M
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