Popular Czechoslovakian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Alzbeta Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian form of Elizabeth. F
2 Anezka Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian form of Agnes. F

3 Anicka Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian form of Agnes. F
4 Bednar Czechoslovakian Cooper. M
5 Bel Czechoslovakian White. F
6 Bela Czechoslovakian White. F
7 Belia Czechoslovakian White. F
8 Bell Czechoslovakian White. F
9 Benes Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakian for Benedict. M
10 Bilko Czechoslovakian White. M
11 Bily Czechoslovakian White. M
12 Bohous Czechoslovakian God's peace. M
13 Bohumil Czechoslovakian God's peace. M

14 Brlety Czechoslovakian Searcher. M
15 Buciac Czechoslovakian Thick. M
16 Budislav Czechoslovakian Fame, Glory M
17 Capek Czechoslovakian Little stork. M
18 Capeka Czechoslovakian Little stork. F
19 Cermak Czechoslovakian Robin. M
20 Cermaka Czechoslovakian Robin. F
21 Cerny Czechoslovakian Black. M
22 Cestmir Czechoslovakian Fortress. M
23 Chval Czechoslovakian Flattery. M
24 Damek Czechoslovakian Of the earth. M
25 Darina Czechoslovakian Feminine of Darius; a Persian royal name. F
26 Dudek Czechoslovakian Bagpiper. M
27 Eda Czechoslovakian Wealthy guardian. M
28 Ferda Czechoslovakian Brave. M
29 Fiala Czechoslovakian Violet. F
30 Fleischaker Czechoslovakian Butcher. M
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