Popular Danish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aabjorn Danish Danish form of Abiorn M
2 Aage Danish Danish and Norwegian form of Aki M

3 Aagot Danish Variant of Agot F
4 Aase Danish Danish Form of Asa M
5 Abbelone Danish Variant of Abelone F
6 Abbud Danish Devoted M
7 Abegael Danish Variant of Abigail F
8 Abeline Danish German Variant of Abelina F
9 Abellona Danish Mannish. F
10 Abelone Danish Danish form of Apollonia F
11 Abigajil Danish Variant of Abigail F
12 Absalon Danish Norwegian form of Absalom M
13 Achton Danish Without Land M

14 Adalena Danish Variant of Adelena F
15 Adam Danish To Be Red M
16 Adame Danish Variant of Adama F
17 Adar Danish Masculine Form And Feminine Variant of Ada F
18 Adar Danish Masculine Form And Feminine Variant of Ada M
19 Adea Danish Short form of Adelaida F
20 Adelbjorn Danish Older Form of Adaldern M
21 Adelena Danish Variant of Adelina F
22 Adelmine Danish Variant of Adalmina F
23 Adna Danish Variant of Edna F
24 Adolf Danish Noble Wolf M
25 Adolfe Danish Variant of Adolf M
26 Adri Danish Diminutive of Adrian M
27 Agate Danish French Variant And Nordic And Latvian Form of Agathe F
28 Agga Danish Diminutive of Agathe F
29 Aggi Danish Diminutive of Agust F
30 Agla Danish Variant of Egla F
31 Agna Danish Feminine Form of Agni or Short Form of Agneta F
32 Agne Danish Scandinavian Variant of Agna F
33 Agnes Danish Chaste F
34 Agneta Danish Pure. F
35 Agnete Danish Danish and Norwegian Variant of Agnes F
36 Agnethe Danish Danish and Norwegian variant of Agnes F
37 Agny Danish Diminutive of Agneta F
38 Aia Danish Variant of Aija F
39 Ailsa Danish Danish form of Elizabeth. F
40 Aima Danish Feminine form of Aimar F
41 Aina Danish Always F
42 Aisa Danish Scandinavian form of Aisha F
43 Aja Danish Variant of Aija F
44 Ajla Danish Variant of Aila F
45 Ajna Danish Variant of Aina F
46 Ajo Danish Danish form of Ayo F
47 Akacia Danish Variant of Acacia F
48 Akeleje Danish Danish form of Akleja F
49 Aksa Danish Scandinavian form of Achsah F
50 Aksinja Danish Nordic and Serbian form of Aksinya F
51 Ala Danish Variant of Alla F
52 Alaia Danish Variant of Aalia F
53 Alberte Danish French And Danish Feminine Form of Albert F
54 Alberthe Danish Variant of Alberte F
55 Alberthine Danish Variant of Albertine F
56 Alea Danish Diminutive of Eulalia F
57 Aleksia Danish Cognate of Alexia F
58 Alesander Danish Form of Alexander M
59 Alet Danish Sami form of Alet F
60 Aleta Danish Old Swedish form of Alhet F
61 Aleth Danish Variant of Alhet F
62 Alette Danish Variant of Aletta F
63 Alex Danish Short Form of Alexander F
64 Alexandra Danish Feminine Form of Alexander F
65 Alf Danish Elf M
66 Alfa Danish Feminine form of Alf F
67 Alfi Danish Diminutive of Alfa F
68 Alfred Danish Elf Counsel M
69 Alfrede Danish Feminine form of Alfred F
70 Alfrida Danish Younger form of Alfridh F
71 Alhed Danish Variant of Alhet F
72 Alice Danish From The Old French Name Aalis M
73 Alieke Danish Diminutive form of Alie F
74 Aliena Danish Variant of Alina F
75 Alija Danish Scandinavian form of Aliyah F
76 Alika Danish Low German variant of Aleka F
77 Alin Danish Short form of Alina F
78 Alitzah Danish Variant of Aliza F
79 Alla Danish Diminutive of Names Containing Aila F
80 Allaine Danish Possibly a Danish form of Adelaide F
81 Allan Danish Variant of Alan M
82 Allen Danish Scandinavian spelling of Aline F
83 Alleta Danish Variant of Aletta F
84 Allette Danish Variant of Alette F
85 Allis Danish Scandinavian variant of Alice F
86 Allita Danish Variant of Alita F
87 Almeta Danish Pearl. F
88 Almine Danish Variant of Almina F
89 Alvild Danish Variant of Alfhild F
90 Alvilda Danish Danish Form of Alfhild F
91 Alvine Danish Variant of Alfhild F
92 Alvira Danish Variant of Elvira F
93 Amaja Danish Scandinavian spelling of Amaia F
94 Amalie Danish Norwegian, Danish and German form of Amalia F
95 Amanda Danish Lovable, Worthy of Love F
96 Amandaa Danish Variant of Amanda F
97 Amela Danish Variant of Amelia F
98 Amelisa Danish Variant of Amelise F
99 Amiira Danish Finnish form of Amira F
100 Amilla Danish Variant of Amilia F
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