Popular Dutch names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aad Dutch Diminutive of Adriaan M
2 Aagje Dutch Short form of Agatha F

3 Aaike Dutch Diminutive of names beginning with Agi or Adal M
4 Aaike Dutch Diminutive of names beginning with Agi or Adal F
5 Aalderik Dutch Variant of Adelrik M
6 Aaldert Dutch Dutch form of Adelhard M
7 Aaldrik Dutch Variant of Aalderik M
8 Aalf Dutch Dutch short form of Adolf M
9 Aaltje Dutch Diminutive of Adelheid F
10 Aamos Dutch Variant of Amos M
11 Aaron Dutch Dutch form of Aaron M
12 Aart Dutch Dutch short form of Arnold M
13 Aat Dutch Nickname for Adriaan M

14 Aate Dutch Thought M
15 Abdiel Dutch Dutch form of Abdiel M
16 Abe Dutch Variant of Abbe M
17 Abelina Dutch Feminine form of Abe F
18 Abeline Dutch German variant of Abelina F
19 Abeltje Dutch Diminutive of Abel M
20 Abiel Dutch Dutch form of Abiel M
21 Abigael Dutch Dutch form of Abigail F
22 Abimael Dutch Dutch form of Abimael M
23 Abraham Dutch Father of Many M
24 Achiel Dutch Dutch form of Achilles M
25 Ad Dutch Short form of Adriaan M
26 Adagonda Dutch Variant of Adelgonda M
27 Adalard Dutch Variant of Adalhard M
28 Adalbertus Dutch Latinized form of Adalbert M
29 Adalbold Dutch Variant of Adalbald M
30 Adam Dutch To Be Red M
31 Adelbald Dutch Variant of Adalbald M
32 Adelbern Dutch Variant of Adalbern M
33 Adelbert Dutch German and Dutch variant of Adalbert M
34 Adelberta Dutch Feminine form of Adelbert F
35 Adelbertina Dutch Feminine form of Adelbert F
36 Adelbrand Dutch Variant of Adalbrand M
37 Adelburg Dutch Variant of Adalburg M
38 Adelburga Dutch Variant of Adelburg M
39 Adeleidis Dutch Latinized form of Adelheid M
40 Adeleine Dutch Variant of Adeline F
41 Adelfried Dutch Dutch and German variant of Adelfrid M
42 Adelgard Dutch Variant of Adalgard F
43 Adelgonda Dutch Dutch form of Adelgund F
44 Adelgonde Dutch Dutch and French form of Adelgund F
45 Adelgondis Dutch Dutch form of Adelgundis F
46 Adelgundis Dutch Latinized form of Adelgund F
47 Adelhard Dutch Variant of Adalhard M
48 Adelheidis Dutch Variant of Adeleidis F
49 Adelhelm Dutch Variant of Adalhelm M
50 Adelind Dutch Variant of Adalind F
51 Adelinde Dutch Variant of Adalind F
52 Adelise Dutch Variant of Adelisa F
53 Adelland Dutch Variant of Adalland M
54 Adelman Dutch Variant of Adalman M
55 Adelmoed Dutch Dutch form of Adalmut F
56 Adelmund Dutch Variant of Adalmund M
57 Adelrad Dutch Variant of Adalrad M
58 Adelram Dutch Variant of Adalram M
59 Adelrik Dutch Dutch form of Adalric M
60 Adeltrudis Dutch Latinized form of Adeltrud F
61 Adelwald Dutch Variant of Adalwald M
62 Adelward Dutch Variant of Adalward M
63 Adelwijn Dutch Dutch form of Adalwin M
64 Adelwin Dutch Variant of Adalwin M
65 Adiel Dutch Dutch form of Adiel F
66 Adiel Dutch Dutch form of Adiel M
67 Adinda Dutch Sister F
68 Adolf Dutch Noble Wolf M
69 Adolfa Dutch Feminine form of Adolf F
70 Adolfien Dutch Dutch form of Adolfine F
71 Adolfina Dutch Extended form of Adolfa F
72 Adolfine Dutch Variant of Adolphine F
73 Adolfinus Dutch Variant of Adolphinus M
74 Adolfus Dutch Variant of Adolphus M
75 Adolphina Dutch Variant of Adolfina F
76 Adolphine Dutch French feminine form of Adolphe F
77 Adolphinus Dutch Diminutive form of Adolphus M
78 Adonia Dutch Dutch, German, Italian and Swedish form of Adoniyah M
79 Adriaan Dutch Dutch form of Adrian M
80 Adrianus Dutch Official Dutch form of Adrian M
81 Adrie Dutch From the Adriatic. F
82 Adriel Dutch Dutch form of Adriel M
83 Adrielle Dutch Feminine form of Adriel F
84 Adriette Dutch Feminization of Adrian F
85 Aelbert Dutch Variant of Aethelbert M
86 Aeltze Dutch Obsolescent variant of Aaltje F
87 Agetha Dutch Variant of Agatha F
88 Aglaja Dutch Variant of Aglaia F
89 Agnes Dutch Chaste F
90 Agnetis Dutch From Latin Agnetis F
91 Agniese Dutch Older form of Agneta F
92 Agnietje Dutch Diminutive of Agneta F
93 Ahasverus Dutch Latinised form of Ahasver M
94 Ahlert Dutch Cognate of Adalbert M
95 Aiko Dutch Edge of A Sword M
96 Ailen Dutch Scandinavian form of Aileen F
97 Akelei Dutch Columbine F
98 Aland Dutch Dutch and West Frisian contracted form of Adelland M
99 Aland Dutch Dutch and West Frisian contracted form of Adelland F
100 Alarik Dutch Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Frisian, Norwegian and Swedish form of Alaric M
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