Popular Egyptian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abasi Egyptian Stern. M
2 Abayomi Egyptian Brings joy. M

3 Abubakar Egyptian Noble. M
4 Acenath Egyptian Daughter. Biblical - Joseph's Egyptian wife. F
5 Adeben Egyptian Twelfth born. M
6 Adio Egyptian Righteous. M
7 Adofo Egyptian Fighter. M
8 Adom Egyptian Receives help from the gods. M
9 Ain Egyptian Priceless. F
10 Akhenaten Egyptian Devoted to Aten. M
11 Akiiki Egyptian Friendly. M
12 Akil Egyptian Intelligent. M
13 Akila Egyptian Intelligent. F

14 Akins Egyptian Brave. M
15 Amen Egyptian Ra - personification of the power of the universe and god of a united Egypt. M
16 Amenhotep Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
17 Amenophis Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
18 Ammon Egyptian God of a united Egypt. M
19 Amsi Egyptian Personification of reproduction. M
20 Amsu Egyptian Personification of reproduction. M
21 Amun Egyptian God of mystery. M
22 Amunet Egyptian Mythical goddess of mystery. F
23 Anat Egyptian A wife of Seth. F
24 Anippe Egyptian Daughter of the Nile. F
25 Anpu Egyptian God of the dead. M
26 Anubis Egyptian God of the dead. M
27 Anum Egyptian Fifth born. M
28 Anzety Egyptian God of Busiris. M
29 Apis Egyptian Mythical dead bull thought to be Osiris. M
30 Asenath Egyptian Daughter. F
31 Asim Egyptian Protector. M
32 Astarte Egyptian A wife of Seth. F
33 Astennu Egyptian God of the moon. M
34 Aswad Egyptian Black. M
35 Ata Egyptian Twin. M
36 Atemu Egyptian Mythical great god of Annu. M
37 Aten Egyptian Sun disk. M
38 Atsu Egyptian Twin. M
39 Atum Egyptian Whole. M
40 Ausar Egyptian Another name for Osiris. M
41 Auset Egyptian Another name for Isis. F
42 Azibo Egyptian Earth. M
43 Aziza Egyptian Precious. F
44 Azizi Egyptian Precious. M
45 Baba Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
46 Babafemi Egyptian Beloved of his father. M
47 Babu Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
48 Badru Egyptian Born during the full moon. M
49 Bahiti Egyptian Fortune. F
50 Bakari Egyptian Noble oath. M
51 Baniti Egyptian Teacher. M
52 Bast Egyptian Personification of the heat of the sun. F
53 Bastet Egyptian Eat. F
54 Bastet Egyptian A cat. M
55 Beb Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
56 Bebti Egyptian Osiris's firstborn. M
57 Bennu Egyptian Eagle. F
58 Bes Egyptian Brings joy. M
59 Bomani Egyptian Warrior. M
60 Chafulumisa Egyptian Fast. M
61 Chaths Egyptian Ends. M
62 Chatuluka Egyptian Departs. M
63 Chenzira Egyptian Born on a journey. M
64 Cheops Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
65 Chibale Egyptian Kinsman. M
66 Chigaru Egyptian Hound. M
67 Chike Egyptian Power of God. M
68 Chione Egyptian Mythical daughter of the Nile. F
69 Chisisi Egyptian Secret. M
70 Chuma Egyptian Wealthy. M
71 Cleopatra Egyptian A queen of Eygpt. F
72 Cornificius Egyptian making horns M
73 Dakarai Egyptian Happy. M
74 Dalila Egyptian Gentle. F
75 Darius Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
76 Darwishi Egyptian Saint. M
77 Dendera Egyptian From Dendera. F
78 Djoser Egyptian Name of a pharaoh. M
79 Donkor Egyptian Humble. M
80 Ebo Egyptian Born on Tuesday. M
81 Ebonee Egyptian Black. F
82 Eboni Egyptian Black. F
83 Ebonique Egyptian Black. F
84 Ebony Egyptian Black. F
85 Echidna Egyptian Mythical monster. F
86 Edfu Egyptian From Edfu. M
87 Edjo Egyptian Another form of Uadjit. F
88 Eshe Egyptian Life. F
89 Fadil Egyptian Generous. M
90 Femi Egyptian Love. F
91 Fenuku Egyptian Born late. M
92 Fenyang Egyptian Conquers. M
93 Fukayna Egyptian Intelligent. F
94 Funsani Egyptian A request. M
95 Gahiji Egyptian Hunter. M
96 Garai Egyptian Settled. M
97 Garrus Egyptian and a guard in the town of Cheydinhal M
98 Geb Egyptian Mythical earth god. M
99 Gyasi Egyptian Wonderful. M
100 Habibah Egyptian Loved. F
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