Popular French names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Dideric. French Dead, Departed M
2 Aaron French High Mountain M

3 Abélia French French and Hungarian form of Abelia F
4 Abdere French French form of Abderos M
5 Abdonie French Feminine form of Abdon M
6 Abel French Breath M
7 Abelard French Contracted form of Adalhard M
8 Abelie French Feminine form of Abel F
9 Abella French Breath. F
10 Abelle French French feminine form of Abel M
11 Abigael French Dutch form of Abigail M
12 Abigaelle French French variant of Abigail F
13 Abraham French Father of Many M

14 Absalon French Polish, French, Gascon, Danish, Faroese and Norwegian form of Absalom M
15 Absolon French French form of Absalom M
16 Abygael French Variant of Abigail F
17 Acace French French form of Akakios M
18 Acanthe French French feminine and masculine form of Acantha M
19 Acanthe French French feminine and masculine form of Acantha F
20 Acel French Adherent of a nobleman. M
21 Aceline French Noble. F
22 Achille French French and Italian form of Achilles M
23 Achillee French French form Achilleus M
24 Actee French French form of Actaeus M
25 Ada French Diminutive of Adelaide: Nobility. French form of the Old German Adalheidis, a compound of 'athal' (noble) and 'haida' (hood). Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, was named after Queen Adelaide, 19th century King William IV's consort. F
26 Adalene French Variant of Adela. F
27 Adalicia French Of the nobility. Noble. F
28 Adalie French Of the nobility. Noble. F
29 Adaliz French Of the nobility. Noble. F
30 Adalseinde French French form of Adalsindis F
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