Popular German names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abela German Strength Force F
2 Abelard German Resolute. M

3 Abelina German Spanish Elaboration of Abelia F
4 Abeline German German variant of Abelina F
5 Abraham German Father of Many M
6 Abrecht German A variant of Albrecht M
7 Achatz German German form of Achatius M
8 Achill German German Cognate of Achilles M
9 Achmed German Variant Transcription of Ahmad M
10 Ada German Noble F
11 Adal German Sweet or noble. F
12 Adal German Noble. M
13 Adalald German Power, Authority M

14 Adalard German Brave. M
15 Adalbert German Intelligent or noble. M
16 Adalbert German Old Germanic form of Albert M
17 Adalfried German Variant of Adalfrid M
18 Adalgar German Noble spearman. M
19 Adalhard German Brave. M
20 Adalheida German Sweet or noble. F
21 Adali German Noble. F
22 Adalia German Noble. F
23 Adalicia German Of the nobility. Noble. F
24 Adalie German Noble. F
25 Adalie German Variant of Adelie M
26 Adaliz German Of the nobility. Noble. F
27 Adalric German Noble friend. M
28 Adalrich German German form of Adalric M
29 Adalrik German Noble friend. M
30 Adalwen German Noble friend. M
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