Popular Hinde names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Adhrutha Hinde One of many names of Lord Vishnu M
2 Adisura Hinde One of many names of Lord Vishnu; Lord of Universe; A varian M

3 Adripati Hinde Lord of the Immovable; Lord of Mountain; Refers to Himalayas M
4 Aharnish Hinde Day and Night M
5 Ahwanith Hinde Wanted; desired; needed; wish; like; crave M
6 Akalpa Hinde Ornament; Precious jewellery of God M
7 Akansh Hinde one who is complete; one who cannot he harmed M
8 Akhurath Hinde One who has Mouse as his Charioteer M
9 Akshaykeerti Hinde A flame that can never be blown off M
10 Aloka Hinde Vision; sight; aspect; light; lustre M
11 Alop Hinde That which does Not Disappear M
12 Amana Hinde kindness M
13 Ambareesh Hinde A variant of the name Ambarish M

14 Amuda Hinde Nectar that promises Immortality M
15 Amura Hinde wise, intelligent M
16 Anagh Hinde Sinless; Pure; Perfect; Absolute; Flawless M
17 Analadi Hinde Music; In Tamil it means any sweet, pleasing M
18 Anandi Hinde One who Brings Happiness, Bliss and Joy M
19 Anandini Hinde Blissful, Joy, Happiness, Pleasure, Delightful M
20 Anandvardhan Hinde One who Increases Happiness M
21 Anav Hinde Starting; Beginning; Advancing Forward M
22 Anava Hinde Humane, Kind to men M
23 Anilkumar Hinde Son of Wind; Hanuman M
24 Aniteja Hinde Immeasurable Splendour; Infinitely Magnificient M
25 Annamalai Hinde One of many names of Lord Shiva M
26 Anshumanth Hinde Luminous; Radiance; Brightness M
27 Antarang Hinde Intimate; Close to Heart; Related M
28 Antarjot Hinde Inner Light; Divine light within you M
29 Anugtaha Hinde Grace; Favor; Mercy; Compassionate M
30 Aranav Hinde Ocean, Sea; Deepest sea; Vast; A variant of Arnav M
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