Popular Hindu names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Adisura Hindu One of many names of Lord Vishnu; Lord of Universe; A varian M
2 Adripati Hindu Lord of the Immovable; Lord of Mountain; Refers to Himalayas M

3 Aharnish Hindu Day and Night M
4 Ahwanith Hindu Wanted; desired; needed; wish; like; crave M
5 Akalpa Hindu Ornament; Precious jewellery of God M
6 Akansh Hindu one who is complete; one who cannot he harmed M
7 Akhurath Hindu One who has Mouse as his Charioteer M
8 Akshaykeerti Hindu A flame that can never be blown off M
9 Aloka Hindu Vision; sight; aspect; light; lustre M
10 Alop Hindu That which does Not Disappear M
11 Amana Hindu Kindness M
12 Amura Hindu wise, intelligent M
13 Anagh Hindu Sinless; Pure; Perfect; Absolute; Flawless M

14 Analadi Hindu Music; In Tamil it means any sweet, pleasing M
15 Anandi Hindu One who Brings Happiness, Bliss and Joy M
16 Anandini Hindu Blissful, Joy, Happiness, Pleasure, Delightful M
17 Anandvardhan Hindu One who Increases Happiness M
18 Anav Hindu Starting; Beginning; Advancing Forward M
19 Anava Hindu Humane, Kind to men M
20 Anilkumar Hindu Son of Wind; Hanuman M
21 Aniteja Hindu Immeasurable Splendour; Infinitely Magnificient M
22 Annamalai Hindu One of many names of Lord Shiva M
23 Anshumanth Hindu Luminous; Radiance; Brightness M
24 Antarang Hindu Intimate; Close to Heart; Related M
25 Antarjot Hindu Inner Light; Divine light within you M
26 Anugtaha Hindu Grace; Favor; Mercy; Compassionate M
27 Aranav Hindu Ocean, Sea; Deepest sea; Vast; A variant of Arnav M
28 Arani Hindu Turning Round F
29 Ardhendru Hindu Half Moon M
30 Arichit Hindu Worshipped; Prayed; Great Devotion M
31 Arpan Hindu Offering to the Lord; Worship; Submission M
32 Aryama Hindu The Sun M
33 Ashuthosh Hindu One who is quickly satisfied; Delighted and Pleasure M
34 Aswinikumar Hindu Derived from Sanskrit word Ashvin means Cavalier M
35 Atishay Hindu Successful; Bright; Splendorous; Dynamic M
36 Atpudham Hindu Miracle F
37 Basak Hindu Garland of Flowers M
38 Bernard Hindu Bear-Brave M
39 Bhanuprakash Hindu sun light, sunshine, rays M
40 Bharat Hindu India, universal monarch M
41 Bheesham Hindu Strong M
42 Bhimavega Hindu Quick, Swift, With A Very High Speed M
43 Bhismasvaraja Hindu Not Affected by Noise Sound M
44 Bhrgu Hindu Born of Fire M
45 Bhrihadbanu Hindu Son of Krishna and Satyabhama; Bhringaraj a Bee M
46 Bhuman Hindu Earth M
47 Bhunetri Hindu Leader of the Earth M
48 Bhupal Hindu King M
49 Biboswan Hindu Sun God M
50 Bidyut Hindu Lightining; Full of Knowledge M
51 Bipashwi Hindu Incarnation of Lord Buddha M
52 Buddha Hindu Enlightened, Awakened M
53 Budhil Hindu An academic, a learned person M
54 Bukthi Hindu One with good knowledge M
55 Bulesh Hindu Great M
56 Camas Hindu To go in circle M
57 Chakradhwaj Hindu A mark of wheel M
58 Chakras Hindu He is the Lord of the Discus M
59 Chakravana Hindu One who has the Cakra, also he who worshipps Vishnu M
60 Chakravartin Hindu Powerful, Renowned, Emperor M
61 Chandini Hindu Moon- Light F
62 Chandramadhu Hindu They are musical notes M
63 Chaunta Hindu A stone which outshines the Moon M
64 Chinmayananda Hindu Filled with knowledge M
65 Chitranjan Hindu Happiness or joy of the inner mind M
66 Citrupa Hindu wise, intelligent, another name for the supreme spirit M
67 Cittayu Hindu One who is the son of the heart; one who is sensitive M
68 Dattravat Hindu The one who is rich in gifts and presents M
69 Dayakar Hindu Name of Lord Shiva; a merciful person M
70 Durjaya Hindu One Who Is Difficult To Conquer M
71 Ekkuntal Hindu Another name of Balaram M
72 Gajasya Hindu The one who is in the shape of an elephant M
73 Giripati Hindu The meaning of the name is Lord of the Mountain, Lord Shiva M
74 Gnanam Hindu Wisdom M
75 Gokula Hindu Herd of Cows M
76 Habbie Hindu A per name from Hab, that is a variant of Robert M
77 Harmond Hindu Army, Plus Man, Man M
78 Heregils Hindu Army warrior of Gils M
79 Hervi Hindu Battle Worthy M
80 Ilamaran Hindu Youthful And Brave M
81 Ilesh Hindu Lord of Earth M
82 Indrajit Hindu Conqueror of Indra M
83 Indratan Hindu As Strong As Indra M
84 Iraiyavan Hindu Blessed By The Supreme M
85 Iranmada Hindu delighting in drink, lightning, another name for agni M
86 Isvara Hindu Ruler, The Supreme Being, A Rudra M
87 Jarom Hindu To Be Happy And Prosperous M
88 Jatila Hindu A lion M
89 Jish Hindu Winner, Victory, Triumph, Success M
90 Jiwanpal Hindu Fosterer of Life; Friend of Life M
91 Jyotish Hindu Moon; Brilliant, Radiant and Bright Light M
92 Kajol Hindu Eye-Liner, Kohl F
93 Kamalabuddhi Hindu One with lotus Like Intelligence, brilliance and radiance M
94 Kamaldeep Hindu Lotus Lamp; Brilliant, Bright and Radiant light of Lotus M
95 Kamau Hindu Kamau means Silent Warrior M
96 Kamboja Hindu Shell; Elephant; Strong and Powerful hands M
97 Kamiya Hindu Wish; Desire; Long; Crave M
98 Kamlesh Hindu Kamlesh name means The Lord of Lotus M
99 Kanad Hindu Name of an Ancient Hindu Rishi M
100 Kanakamya Hindu Consisting of Gold; Golden; Shining and Lustrous M
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