Popular Hungarian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aadin Hungarian Whole Day M
2 Aadish Hungarian Design, Intention, Aim M

3 Aadit Hungarian It is Indian M
4 Aadith Hungarian Variant of Adit M
5 Aba Hungarian Father M
6 Abad Hungarian Father M
7 Abbas Hungarian Father M
8 Abdias Hungarian Serving God M
9 Abdon Hungarian To Serve M
10 Abel Hungarian Hungarian Form of Abel M
11 Abelard Hungarian Brave, Hardy M
12 Abelia Hungarian French and Hungarian form of Abelia F
13 Abelia Hungarian French And Hungarian Form of Abelia M

14 Abhisheka Hungarian Installed as King M
15 Abiata Hungarian Unknown F
16 Abiata Hungarian Unknown M
17 Abner Hungarian My Father Is My Light M
18 Abod Hungarian Father M
19 Abony Hungarian Father M
20 Abos Hungarian Father M
21 Abosa Hungarian Father M
22 Abraham Hungarian Hungarian Form of Abraham M
23 Abram Hungarian High Father M
24 Abran Hungarian Old Hungarian variant of Abraham M
25 Abris Hungarian Hungarian diminutive of Abraham M
26 Absa Hungarian My Father Is Peace M
27 Absolon Hungarian My Father Is Peace M
28 Acel Hungarian Steel M
29 Achillesz Hungarian Pain M
30 Acsad Hungarian Kin Relation In Hungarian M
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