Popular Indian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aabha Indian Glow, Luster, Brilliance F
2 Aabharana Indian Variant transcription of Abharana F

3 Aadhya Indian Original Power F
4 Aadin Indian Whole Day F
5 Aadrika Indian Mountain F
6 Aadya Indian First F
7 Aafia Indian Health, Well-Being, Freedom From Illness F
8 Aagneya Indian Variant of Agneya F
9 Aahana Indian Variant of Ahana F
10 Aahanah Indian Variant of Aahana F
11 Aahlada Indian Feminine form of Aahlad F
12 Aahna Indian Exist F
13 Aaima Indian Ruler F

14 Aaina Indian Mirror F
15 Aaisha Indian Urdu form of Aisha F
16 Aakanksh Indian Desire, Wish M
17 Aakanksha Indian Variant of Akanksha F
18 Aakansha Indian Variant of Akanksha F
19 Aakash Indian Sky M
20 Aakriti Indian Variant of Akriti F
21 Aalaya Indian Home And Refuge F
22 Aalok Indian Variant of Alok M
23 Aalonika Indian Goddess of light F
24 Aamer Indian Alternate transcription of 'Aamir M
25 Aamilah Indian One Who Hopes F
26 Aamin Indian Variant of Amin M
27 Aamir Indian Alternate Transcription of Arabic Aamir M
28 Aamish Indian Bait, Lure, Something That Tempts M
29 Aamodini Indian Fragrant F
30 Aanjjan Indian Variant of Anjan M
31 Aanya Indian Inexhaustible F
32 Aara Indian Saw, Awl, Shoemaker's Knife F
33 Aaradhya Indian Variant of Aradhya M
34 Aaradhya Indian Variant of Aradhya F
35 Aarah Indian Variant of Aara F
36 Aarani Indian Variant of Arani M
37 Aarani Indian Variant of Arani F
38 Aarathi Indian Variant of Aarti F
39 Aaraya Indian Variant of Arya F
40 Aarifa Indian Feminine form of Arif F
41 Aarini Indian Adventurous, Courageous F
42 Aarohi Indian Rising F
43 Aarsheya Indian Of Sacred Descent F
44 Aarshi Indian Variant of Aarsh F
45 Aarthi Indian Tamil form of Aarti F
46 Aarti Indian Gods F
47 Aarushee Indian Variant transcription of Aarushi F
48 Aarushi Indian Feminine form of Aarush F
49 Aarya Indian Variant of Arya F
50 Aaryamani Indian Belonging To The Sun F
51 Aasha Indian Variant of Asha F
52 Aashiya Indian Nest, Small Dwelling F
53 Aashrit Indian The Protected One M
54 Aashritha Indian Someone Who Gives Shelter F
55 Aashvi Indian Blessed And Victorious F
56 Aasia Indian Urdu form of Asiya F
57 Aasim Indian Variant of Asim M
58 Aastha Indian Faith F
59 Aastiki Indian One Who Believes In A God or Gods Theist F
60 Aatish Indian Fire, Flame M
61 Aatmaja Indian Daughter F
62 Aatrey Indian Unknown M
63 Aatreya Indian Variant of Aatrey M
64 Aavya Indian To Animate, To Drive, To Protect F
65 Aayra Indian Intelligence Happiness F
66 Aayush Indian Variant of Aayushi M
67 Aayushi Indian One With Long Life F
68 Abani Indian Earth F
69 Abbas Indian Austere M
70 Abdu-salam Indian Servant of The M
71 Abdul Indian Servant of The M
72 Abdul Ghafar Indian Malay, Pashto, and Urdu form of Abdul Ghaffar M
73 Abdus Indian Variant of Abdul M
74 Abdus Salam Indian Variant transcription of Abd as-Salam M
75 Abeima Indian Little Girl F
76 Abesh Indian One Who Has Complete Possession or Control M
77 Abha Indian Splendour, Light F
78 Abharan Indian Ornament, Decoration M
79 Abharana Indian Feminine form of Abharan F
80 Abhay Indian Fearless M
81 Abhaya Indian Has no fear. M
82 Abhaya Indian Fearless F
83 Abhaynoor Indian Combination of Abhay M
84 Abhilasha Indian Feminine form of Abhilash F
85 Abhinaya Indian Expression In An Act F
86 Abhinesh Indian Actor M
87 Abhinit Indian Acted As in A Play M
88 Abhiraj Indian Great King M
89 Abhirati Indian Mother of five hundred children; A mother goddess. F
90 Abhishri Indian Surrounded By With Glory F
91 Abhisri Indian Variant of Abhishri F
92 Abida Indian Worshiper F
93 Abu Hasan Indian Malay and Bengali form of Abu al-Hasan M
94 Abul Indian Father of The M
95 Abuzar Indian Pounding, Grinding, Scattering M
96 Aby Indian Diminutive of Abraham M
97 Abzari Indian Seeds, Spice, Seedsman, One Who Sows M
98 Acala Indian Immovable Steady Constant Unceasing F
99 Acamma Indian Alternate transcription of Achamma F
100 Acca Indian Form of Rebecca F
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