Popular Indian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aadam Indian Urdu, Somali, and Estonian form of Adam M
2 Aadesh Indian Order, Mandate, Injunction M

3 Aadhira Indian Moon M
4 Aadi Indian First, Most Important M
5 Aadideva Indian Combination of Aadi M
6 Aadil Indian Alternate Transcription of Adil M
7 Aadiv Indian Delicate M
8 Aagney Indian Modern Transcription of Agneya M
9 Aagneya Indian Variant of Agneya M
10 Aahlad Indian Exultancy, Hilarity, Rejoicing M
11 Aakanksh Indian Desire, Wish M
12 Aakash Indian Sky M
13 Aalok Indian Variant of Alok M

14 Aamer Indian Alternate transcription of 'Aamir M
15 Aamin Indian Variant of Amin M
16 Aamir Indian Alternate Transcription of Arabic Aamir M
17 Aamish Indian Bait, Lure, Something That Tempts M
18 Aanjjan Indian Variant of Anjan M
19 Aaradhya Indian Variant of Aradhya M
20 Aarani Indian Variant of Arani M
21 Aarav Indian Peaceful Melody M
22 Aaraya Indian Variant of Arya M
23 Aarish Indian First Ray of Sun M
24 Aarsheya Indian Of Sacred Descent M
25 Aarush Indian Dawn M
26 Aarya Indian Variant of Arya M
27 Aaryan Indian Variant of Aryan M
28 Aashis Indian Blessings M
29 Aashish Indian Variant Transcription of Ashish M
30 Aashray Indian Shelter M
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