Popular Indian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
331 Amarinder Indian Variant of Amrinder M
332 Amarinder Indian Variant of Amrinder F

333 Amarjeet Indian Victory, Conquering F
334 Amarjeet Indian Immortal M
335 Amarjit Indian Alternate Transcription of Amarjeet M
336 Amarjit Indian Alternate transcription of Amarjeet F
337 Amarpreet Indian Immortal Love F
338 Amartya Indian Immortal, Deathless M
339 Amba Indian Mother F
340 Ambar Indian Garment, Sky F
341 Ambar Indian Garment, Sky M
342 Ambica Indian Variant Transcription of Ambika F
343 Ambika Indian Dear Mother F

344 Ambransh Indian Amber And Ansh M
345 Ambrosia Indian Food of the gods. F
346 Ambuja Indian Water F
347 Ameen Indian Alternate Transcription of Amin M
348 Ameena Indian Urdu And Dhivehi form of Amina F
349 Ameera Indian Alternate transcription of Amirah F
350 Amena Indian Alternate transcription of Aminah F
351 Ameretat Indian Immortal. M
352 Ameya Indian Magnanimous M
353 Amhi Indian Mother. F
354 Amhika Indian Mother. F
355 Amin Indian Truthful M
356 Aminullah Indian Truthful God M
357 Amir Indian Commander, Prince M
358 Amirul Indian Prince of The, Commander of The M
359 Amish Indian Free of Deceit M
360 Amisha Indian Lust, Desire, Longing F
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