Popular Indian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
511 Arati Indian Alternate transcription of Aarti F
512 Arav Indian Calm, Peaceful M

513 Arava Indian Silent F
514 Aravind Indian Lotus M
515 Aravinda Indian Alternate Transcription of Kannada Aravind M
516 Arbind Indian Bengali And Nepali Form of Arvind M
517 Archana Indian Honouring, Praising F
518 Archisa Indian Ray of Light F
519 Archisha Indian Ray of Light F
520 Ardhendu Indian Half Moon M
521 Areeb Indian Variant Transcription of Arib M
522 Areeba Indian Variant transcription of Ariba F
523 Areet Indian It Originates From The Sanskrit Word Reet Meaning Rituals F

524 Arhan Indian Variation of Arhaan M
525 Arib Indian Brilliant, Clever, Intelligent M
526 Ariba Indian Feminine form of Arib F
527 Arif Indian Learned, Knowing, Expert M
528 Arijit Indian Conquering Enemies M
529 Arima Indian Unknown F
530 Arinandan Indian Enlightened M
531 Aritra Indian Propelling, An Oar M
532 Ariyan Indian With Melody M
533 Arj Indian Gain, To Acquire, To Earn M
534 Arjan Indian Procuring, Gaining , Earning, Acquiring M
535 Arjati Indian To Gain F
536 Arjin Indian Procuring Gaining M
537 Arjun Indian Modern form of Arjuna M
538 Arjuni Indian Variant or Feminine Form of Arjun M
539 Arjuni Indian Variant or Feminine Form of Arjun F
540 Armaan Indian Armaan Is An Arabic Name Also Used in Pakistan. It Means Strong Desire M
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