Popular Indian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aabha Indian Glow, Luster, Brilliance F
2 Aabharana Indian Variant transcription of Abharana F

3 Aadhya Indian Original Power F
4 Aadin Indian Whole Day F
5 Aadrika Indian Mountain F
6 Aadya Indian First F
7 Aafia Indian Health, Well-Being, Freedom From Illness F
8 Aafreen Indian Variant transcription of Afreen F
9 Aagneya Indian Variant of Agneya F
10 Aahana Indian Variant of Ahana F
11 Aahanah Indian Variant of Aahana F
12 Aahlada Indian Feminine form of Aahlad F
13 Aahna Indian Exist F

14 Aaima Indian Ruler F
15 Aaina Indian Mirror F
16 Aaisha Indian Urdu form of Aisha F
17 Aakanksha Indian Variant of Akanksha F
18 Aakansha Indian Variant of Akanksha F
19 Aakriti Indian Variant of Akriti F
20 Aalaya Indian Home And Refuge F
21 Aalonika Indian Goddess of light F
22 Aamilah Indian One Who Hopes F
23 Aamodini Indian Fragrant F
24 Aanya Indian Inexhaustible F
25 Aara Indian Saw, Awl, Shoemaker's Knife F
26 Aaradhya Indian Variant of Aradhya F
27 Aarah Indian Variant of Aara F
28 Aarani Indian Variant of Arani F
29 Aarathi Indian Variant of Aarti F
30 Aaraya Indian Variant of Arya F
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