Popular Japanese names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Mamana Japanese Flower F
2 Mayuha Japanese Very Many F

3 A-Hyeon Japanese Benevolent; Wise, Sensible F
4 Aa Japanese Like, Love F
5 Aa Japanese Mute M
6 Aai Japanese Sky F
7 Aasu Japanese Exist F
8 Aato Japanese Metropolis, Capital, All M
9 Aberu Japanese Transliterated form of Abel M
10 Aburiru Japanese April F
11 Acha Japanese Disappointed, Forlorn F
12 Adachi Japanese Stand F
13 Adami Japanese Beautiful F

14 Adohira Japanese Peace Within Chaos M
15 Adohira Japanese Peace F
16 Adonana Japanese Love, Affection F
17 Adzumi Japanese Love, Affection F
18 Adzusa Japanese Variant transcription of Azusa F
19 Aeka Japanese Rely On F
20 Aeko Japanese Clothes, Dressing, Garment F
21 Aeri Japanese Second, Asia F
22 Afuru Japanese Feeling, Emotion, Sensation M
23 Afuru Japanese Feeling, Emotion, Sensation F
24 Agasa Japanese Bud, Sprout, Shoot F
25 Ageha Japanese Fry In Deep Fat F
26 Aguri Japanese Long Time M
27 Aguri Japanese Long Time F
28 Ahana Japanese Second, Asia M
29 Ahina Japanese Tomorrow F
30 Ahiru Japanese Domestic Duck F
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