Popular Korean names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 A-Eun Korean Pretty, Lovely F
2 A-Hyeon Korean Next, Second F

3 A-In Korean Next, Second M
4 A-In Korean Next, Second F
5 A-Jin Korean Quellable M
6 A-JIn Korean Clean, Pure F
7 A-jun Korean High, Tall, Steep M
8 A-Jun Korean Pretty, Lovely, Beautiful F
9 A-Min Korean Pretty, Lovely F
10 A-Ran Korean Pretty, Lovely F
11 A-yeon Korean Pond; Marsh F
12 A-Yeong Korean Prosperity, Glory F
13 A-Young Korean Variant transcription of A-Yeong F

14 Ae-Jeong Korean Love, Affection F
15 Ae-Ra Korean Love F
16 Ae-Ri Korean Gains, Advantage F
17 Aeji Korean Love, Affection F
18 Ah-In Korean Variant transcription of A-In M
19 Ah-In Korean Variant transcription of A-In F
20 Ah-Yeon Korean Variant transcription of A-Yeon F
21 Ahnjong Korean Lineage, Ancestry F
22 Ahreum Korean Variant transcription of Areum F
23 Anjeong Korean Quiet, Still, Gentle F
24 Aori Korean Blue F
25 Ara Korean Be Beautiful; Good F
26 Aremu Korean Beautiful M
27 Aremu-Sol Korean Combination of Aremu M
28 Areum Korean Beautiful F
29 Areum-Byeol Korean Combination of Areum F
30 Areum-Saem Korean Combination of Areum F
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