Popular Latin names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aabacuc Latin Variant of Abacuc M
2 Aaron Latin High Mountain M

3 Abacuc Latin Latin form of Habakkuk M
4 Abantiades Latin Descendant of Abas. M
5 Abdias Latin Form of Obadiah M
6 Abel Latin Breath M
7 Abia Latin Biblical Greek and Latin form of Abijah M
8 Abia Latin Latin form of Abijah F
9 Abidan Latin My Father is Judge M
10 Abigail Latin Joy F
11 Abisai Latin Biblical Latin form of Abishai M
12 Abner Latin My Father is a Light M
13 Abraham Latin Many, Multitude M

14 Absalom Latin Peace M
15 Absyrtus Latin Murdered by his sister Medea. M
16 Abundantius Latin Overflowing M
17 Abundius Latin Plentiful M
18 Academia Latin Named for Cicero's villa. F
19 Academicus Latin Name of a philosopher. M
20 Acarnania Latin From Arcanania. F
21 Acarnanus Latin From Acarnania. M
22 Acastus Latin Son of Pelias. M
23 Accalia Latin Possibly from the Acca Larentia the shewolf who nursed the twins Remus and Romulus. F
24 Accius Latin A Roman poet. M
25 Ace Latin First in luck. M
26 Achab Latin Latin form of Ahab M
27 Achaean Latin A Greek. M
28 Achaemenes Latin A Persian. M
29 Achaemenius Latin A Persian. M
30 Achaeus Latin A Greek. M
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