Popular Mexican names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Azela Mexican Dry F
2 Briseida Mexican Curse Female

3 Canek Mexican Morning Star M
4 Cattaleya Mexican Flower F
5 Chabo Mexican Affectionate M
6 Chapito Mexican Researcher M
7 Chavo Mexican Kid M
8 Chemy Mexican Variant of Alchemy F
9 Chepo Mexican Police Officer M
10 Chikis Mexican A Desire To Serve Humanity F
11 Chivago Mexican Variant of Chicago M
12 Chochi Mexican Teats M
13 Chuey Mexican Variant of Chewy M

14 Deigo Mexican Supplanter M
15 Ejole Mexican Variant of Cajole M
16 Elchapo Mexican Shorty M
17 Fedia Mexican A Slang Term Meaning Money F
18 Freido Mexican Donkey M
19 Gaysha Mexican Variant of Geisha F
20 Grissel Mexican Grey Battle F
21 Layun Mexican Unknow M
22 Nayeli Mexican I Love You F
23 Panchita Mexican Free F
24 Papucho Mexican Hey Baby M
25 Pendaja Mexican Asshole M
26 Plutarco Mexican Old Greek - Rich Prince M
27 Ponchito Mexican Young Man M
28 Sevante Mexican Variant of Savant M
29 Solovino Mexican One Who Came Alone M
30 Sugey Mexican A Desirable Person With Ambitious Nature F
31 Sulema Mexican Strong F
32 Whetto Mexican Variant of Ghetto M
33 Yamileth Mexican Beautiful F
34 Yessenia Mexican Jasmine Flower F
35 Yviana Mexican Humanitarian F
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