Popular Norse names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aage Norse Ancestors. M
2 Aaric Norse Variant of Aric rule with mercy. M

3 Aase Norse Tree covered mountain. F
4 Aegileif Norse Daughter of Hrolf Helgason. F
5 Aegir Norse Of the gods. M
6 Aesir Norse Of the gods. M
7 Aevar Norse Son of Ketil. M
8 Afi Norse Grandfather. M
9 Age Norse Ancestors. M
10 Ai Norse Great-Grandfather, Ancestor M
11 Akaz Norse To Drive M
12 Ake Norse Ancestors. M
13 Alawidaz Norse Entire All M

14 Alawiniz Norse Friend M
15 Alberich Norse A mythical dwarf. M
16 Aldafarid Norse All-Father M
17 Aldafodr Norse Variant of Aldafadir M
18 Alf Norse Elf M
19 Alfadir Norse Variant of Alfadir M
20 Alfarigg Norse Experienced M
21 Alfarin Norse Son of Hlif. M
22 Alfarinn Norse Son of Hlif. M
23 Alfdis Norse Spirit. F
24 Alfgeir Norse E!fin spear. M
25 Alfodr Norse Variant of Aldafadir M
26 Alfrigg Norse A mythical dwarf. M
27 Alfrikr Norse Mighty, Distinguished M
28 Alfrothul Norse Of the sun. M
29 Allvaldi Norse Variant of Alvaldr M
30 Alsvartr Norse Black M
31 Alsvid Norse All-Swift, Very Fast M
32 Alsvidr Norse Fast, Clever M
33 Alvaldr Norse Mighty One M
34 Alvis Norse Wise. M
35 Alviss Norse Wise. M
36 Ama Norse Eagle. F
37 Ambjorg Norse Eagle protection. F
38 Amdis Norse Eagle spirit. F
39 Amgerdr Norse Black, Loathsome, Dark F
40 Amhlaoibh Norse Relic from an ancestor. M
41 Amma Norse Grandmother. F
42 Amora Norse Light eagle. F
43 Amsvartnir Norse Red-Black One M
44 Amund Norse Bridal gift. M
45 Amundi Norse Bridal gift. M
46 An Norse Son of Grim. M
47 Anarr Norse Variant of Annarr M
48 Ander Norse Norse form of Andrew. M
49 Anderson Norse Son of Ander. M
50 Andhrimnir Norse Against, Opposite, Hostile M
51 Andras Norse Breath. F
52 Andvaranaut Norse Brunhild's ring. M
53 Andvari Norse Mythical treasure guardian. M
54 Andvari Norse Careful One M
55 Angerboda Norse A giant. F
56 Angerbotha Norse A giant. F
57 Angeyja Norse Sweet Odour F
58 Angrboda Norse A giant. F
59 Ann Norse Old M
60 Annar Norse Father of the world. M
61 Annarr Norse Variant of Anarr M
62 Anrid Norse Wife of Ketil Fjorleifarson. F
63 Anselma Norse Protected by God. F
64 Ansgar Norse Spear of the gods. M
65 Aren Norse Rule of the eagle. M
66 Ari Norse Eagle. M
67 Aric Norse Rule with mercy. See also Eric. M
68 Aricin Norse Eternal king's son. M
69 Arick Norse Variant of Aric 'rule with mercy.'. M
70 Arik Norse Variant of Aric 'rule with mercy.'. M
71 Arild Norse Battle commander. M
72 Arkin Norse Eternal king's son. M
73 Arkyn Norse Eternal king's son. M
74 Armod Norse Blood brother of Geirleif. M
75 Arneot Norse Frightens eagles. M
76 Arngeir Norse Eagle spear. M
77 Arngrim Norse Variant of Arngrimr M
78 Arnhofdi Norse Eagle-Headed M
79 Arni Norse In Njal's saga the killer of Althing. M
80 Arnlaug Norse Eagle. M
81 Aros Norse From the river's mouth. M
82 Arrick Norse Variant of Aric 'rule with mercy.'. M
83 Arvakl Norse A mythical horse. M
84 Arvakr Norse Early Awake, Early Rising M
85 Arve Norse Eagle tree. M
86 Arvid Norse Eagle tree. M
87 Asabragr Norse Best of The M
88 Asbiom Norse Divine bear. M
89 Asdis Norse Divine spirit. F
90 Ase Norse Tree. F
91 Asgard Norse Mythical city of the gods. M
92 Asgaut Norse A mythical divine Goth. M
93 Asgeir Norse Spear of the gods. M
94 Asgerd Norse Spear of the gods. M
95 Asgrim Norse In Njal's saga the chieftain of Tongue. M
96 Ashild Norse God fighting. F
97 Ashilda Norse God fighting. F
98 Ashilde Norse God fighting. F
99 Ask Norse From the ash tree. M
100 Askel Norse Son of Dufniall. M
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