Popular Persian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aban Persian October M
2 Abbas Persian Alternate transcription of Arabic Persian Abbas M

3 Abdolhossein Persian Servant of al-Husayn F
4 Abdollah Persian Persian form of AbdAllah M
5 Abdolreza Persian Servant of al-Ridha M
6 Abid Persian Flame M
7 Abolfazll Persian Persian Form of Abu Al- Fadl M
8 Adel Persian Persian Form of Adil M
9 Adib Persian Courteous, Polite, Educated M
10 Adilma Persian This name is probably a short form of Adilmara F
11 Adrian Persian Form of Hadrian M
12 Afrouz Persian Illuminating, Enlightening, Kindling F
13 Afsaneh Persian Legend, Myth, Fable M

14 Afshin Persian Modern form of Pisin M
15 Afsoon Persian Alternate transcription of Persian Afsoun F
16 Afsoun Persian Charm, Spell F
17 Afsun Persian Alternate transcription of Persian Afsoun F
18 Aghil Persian Persian Form of Aqil M
19 Agit Persian The Brave, The Warrior M
20 Ahmad Persian Most Commendable M
21 Ahmir Persian Variant of Amir M
22 Ahu Persian Female Deer M
23 Ahura-Yazda Persian Wise lord. M
24 Aidin Persian Iranian Variant of Aydin M
25 Ainaz Persian Pretty F
26 Airia Persian Aware Sentimental Noble F
27 Akhtar Persian Star F
28 Akhtar Persian Star M
29 Alaaleh Persian Variant Transcription of Alaleh M
30 Alaleh Persian Buttercup F
31 Alborz Persian Unknown M
32 Ali Persian Lofty, Sublime M
33 Alireza Persian Combination of Ali M
34 Alizeh Persian Wind F
35 Ameneh Persian Persian form of Aminah F
36 Amin Persian Truthful M
37 Amir Persian King. M
38 Amir-Hossein Persian Combination of Amir M
39 Amira Persian Feminine form of Amir 'king'. F
40 Amitis Persian Modern Persian Form of Amytis F
41 Anahita Persian Immaculate, Undefiled F
42 Andalib Persian Nightingale M
43 Andleeb Persian Nightingale F
44 Anooshiravan Persian Modern Iranian form of Anoshiruvan M
45 Anoush Persian Immortal F
46 Anoush Persian Immortal M
47 Anousheh Persian Immortal F
48 Anousheh Persian Immortal M
49 Anoushiravan Persian Variant Transcription of Anooshiravan M
50 Arad Persian A Name Of An Angel M
51 Araiana Persian Feminine Form of Aria F
52 Arania Persian Spider F
53 Aras Persian Balanced M
54 Arash Persian Bright M
55 Arastoo Persian Persian Form of Aristotle M
56 Ardashir Persian From the Middle Persian Form of Artaxerxes M
57 Ardeshir Persian Modern Transcription of Ardashir M
58 Aref Persian Persian form of Arif M
59 Arezoo Persian Alternate transcription of Persian Arezou F
60 Arezou Persian Desire F
61 Arezu Persian Alternate transcription of Persian Arezou F
62 Aria Persian Alternate transcription of Persian Arya M
63 Ariabod Persian Tribe Leader, Chief M
64 Arian Persian Variant of Arya M
65 Ariya Persian Variant transcription of Arya F
66 Ariya Persian Variant Transcription of Arya M
67 Arjang Persian Variant Transcription of Arzhang M
68 Arleta Persian Polish and Czech form of Arlette F
69 Arman Persian Wish, Hope M
70 Armeen Persian But Possibly Related to Armaan M
71 Armish Persian Quiet, Calm M
72 Armita Persian Pious F
73 Arsalan Persian Persian And Urdu Form of Aslan M
74 Arsham Persian Modern Persian and Armenian Form of Arsama M
75 Arshan Persian Hero M
76 Arsin Persian Warrior M
77 Arwan Persian Brave, Courageous M
78 Arya Persian Aryan, Noble F
79 Arzhang Persian Colour M
80 Asadullah Persian Lion of Allah M
81 Asal Persian Honey F
82 Asef Persian Arabic Variant Transcription of Asif M
83 Asghar Persian Smallest, Youngest M
84 Asha Persian Protector of fire. M
85 Ashem Persian Guilty M
86 Ashkan Persian Like Ashk M
87 Ashkin Persian Variant of Ashkan M
88 Ashraf Persian Nobler, More Honorable F
89 Ashraf Persian Nobler, More Honorable M
90 Asmahan Persian Seeker of Excellence F
91 Asparukh Persian One Who Has Shining Horses M
92 Assim Persian Great one. M
93 Atefeh Persian Persian form of Atifa F
94 Atossa Persian Well Trickling F
95 Attashin Persian Fire F
96 Aubteen Persian Grant Gift Granting M
97 Ava Persian Voice, Sound F
98 Ayan Persian Speed M
99 Ayoob Persian Variant Transcription of Ayyub M
100 Ayoub Persian Persian form of Ayyub M
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