Popular Persian names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aban Persian October M
2 Abbas Persian Alternate transcription of Arabic Persian Abbas M

3 Abdolhossein Persian Servant of al-Husayn F
4 Abdollah Persian Persian form of AbdAllah M
5 Abdolreza Persian Servant of al-Ridha M
6 Abid Persian Flame M
7 Abid Persian Flame F
8 Abolfazll Persian Persian Form of Abu Al- Fadl M
9 Adel Persian Persian Form of Adil M
10 Adib Persian Courteous, Polite, Educated M
11 Adilma Persian This name is probably a short form of Adilmara F
12 Adrian Persian Form of Hadrian M
13 Afrouz Persian Illuminating, Enlightening, Kindling F

14 Afsaneh Persian Legend, Myth, Fable M
15 Afshin Persian Modern form of Pisin M
16 Afsoon Persian Alternate transcription of Persian Afsoun F
17 Afsoun Persian Charm, Spell F
18 Afsun Persian Alternate transcription of Persian Afsoun F
19 Aghil Persian Persian Form of Aqil M
20 Agit Persian The Brave, The Warrior M
21 Ahmad Persian Most Commendable M
22 Ahmir Persian Variant of Amir M
23 Ahu Persian Female Deer M
24 Ahu Persian Female Deer F
25 Ahura Yazda Persian Wise lord. M
26 Aidin Persian Iranian Variant of Aydin M
27 Ainaz Persian Pretty F
28 Akhtar Persian Star M
29 Akhtar Persian Star F
30 Alaaleh Persian Variant Transcription of Alaleh M
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