Popular Polish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abdon Polish Form of Abdon M
2 Abel Polish Breath M

3 Abelard Polish Polish Form of Abelard M
4 Abelk Polish Diminutive of Abel M
5 Abercjusz Polish Polish Form of Abercius M
6 Abilio Polish Portuguese form of Avilius M
7 Abitala Polish Polish form of Abital F
8 Abraao Polish Portuguese form of Abraham M
9 Abrahamek Polish Diminutive of Abraham M
10 Abramek Polish Diminutive of Abram M
11 Absalon Polish Polish and Norwegian form of Absalom M
12 Abundancja Polish Polish form of Abundantia F
13 Abundancjusz Polish Polish form of Abundantius M

14 Achacja Polish Polish form of Acacia F
15 Achacjusz Polish Polish Form of Acacius M
16 Achacy Polish Polish Form of Acacius M
17 Ada Polish Polish form of Adah F
18 Adalberta Polish Polish and Hungarian feminine form of Adalbert F
19 Adalgiza Polish Polish form of Adalgisa F
20 Adalgunda Polish Polish form of Adalgund F
21 Adalruna Polish Polish form of Adelrune F
22 Adalryk Polish Polish Form of Adalric M
23 Adalwina Polish Feminine form of Adalwin F
24 Adam Polish To Be Red M
25 Adamek Polish Diminutive of Adam M
26 Adamus Polish Diminutive of Adam M
27 Adas Polish Diminutive of Adam M
28 Adasiek Polish Diminutive of Adam M
29 Adaukt Polish Polish Form of Adauctus M
30 Adek Polish Diminutive of Adrian M
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