Popular Portuguese names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1101 Persia Portuguese Portuguese form of Persia F
1102 Piedae Portuguese Piety; Pity, Compassion F

1103 Pipa Portuguese Diminutive of Filipa F
1104 Pipia Portuguese Diminutive of Sofia F
1105 Plamira Portuguese Feminine form of Plamiro F
1106 Porfiria Portuguese Italian, Spanish, Galician and Portuguese form of Porfiro F
1107 Potenciana Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Potentiana F
1108 Prazeres Portuguese Pleasures F
1109 Prescila Portuguese Brazilian form of Priscilla F
1110 Priscila Portuguese Portuguese and Spanish form of Priscilla F
1111 Prisciliana Portuguese Feminine form of Prisciliano F
1112 Prospera Portuguese Feminine form of Properus F
1113 Protasia Portuguese Portuguese form of Protasia F

1114 Prudencia Portuguese Portuguese form of Prudentia F
1115 Prudenciana Portuguese Elaboration of Prudencia F
1116 Pudenciana Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Pudentiana F
1117 Pudentila Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Pudentilla F
1118 Pulqueria Portuguese Portuguese form of Pulcheria F
1119 Pura Portuguese Pure F
1120 Pureza Portuguese Purity F
1121 Querubina Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Cherubina F
1122 Queta Portuguese Short form of Enriqueta F
1123 Quezia Portuguese Portuguese form of Kezia F
1124 Quica Portuguese Diminutive of Francisca F
1125 Quinta Portuguese Feminine form of Quintus F
1126 Quintila Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Quintilla F
1127 Quintilia Portuguese Portuguese form of Quintilia F
1128 Quintiliana Portuguese Feminine form of Quintilian F
1129 Quionia Portuguese Portuguese form of Chionia F
1130 Quiteria Portuguese Portuguese form of Quiteria F
1131 Raabe Portuguese Portuguese form of Rahab F
1132 Raela Portuguese Combination of Rae F
1133 Rafaela Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese feminine form of Raphael F
1134 Rafaele Portuguese Brazilian feminine form of Rafael F
1135 Rafaella Portuguese Hungarian feminine form of Rafael F
1136 Raica Portuguese Meaning Unknown F
1137 Raimunda Portuguese Feminine form of Raymond F
1138 Raissa Portuguese Belarusian variant of Raisa F
1139 Ramone Portuguese Brazilian variant of Ramona F
1140 Ramos Portuguese Bough, Branch; Bouquet F
1141 Raquel Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Rachel F
1142 Raquela Portuguese Latinate form of Raquel F
1143 Raquele Portuguese Variant of Raquel F
1144 Raquelly Portuguese Elaborated form of Raquel F
1145 Ravena Portuguese Variant of Ravenna F
1146 Rayssa Portuguese Variant of Raissa F
1147 Rebeca Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Rebecca F
1148 Regina Portuguese Queen F
1149 Reinalda Portuguese Dutch feminine form of Reinald F
1150 Reis Portuguese Portuguese cognate of Reyes F
1151 Relia Portuguese Romanian short form of Aurelia F
1152 Renata Portuguese Feminine form of Renatus F
1153 Renatinha Portuguese Diminutive of Renata F
1154 Rennya Portuguese Possibly an extremely rare variant transcription of Renya F
1155 Restituta Portuguese Feminine form of Restitutus F
1156 Reyla Portuguese Combination of Rey F
1157 Rhut Portuguese Variant of Ruth F
1158 Riquelle Portuguese Variant form of Richelle F
1159 Rita Portuguese Short form of Margherita F
1160 Ritinha Portuguese Diminutive of Rita F
1161 Robercia Portuguese Feminine form of Robercio F
1162 Roberta Portuguese Feminine form of Robert F
1163 Robertha Portuguese Variant of Roberta F
1164 Rogacinha Portuguese Spanish and Portuguese form of Rogatiana F
1165 Rogata Portuguese Feminine form of Rogatus F
1166 Romania Portuguese Portuguese form of Romania F
1167 Romenia Portuguese Either a variant of Romania F
1168 Romula Portuguese Feminine form of Romulus F
1169 Roraima Portuguese From place name Roraima F
1170 Rosa Portuguese Generally this can be considered a Latin form of Rose F
1171 Rosali Portuguese Diminutive of Rosalia F
1172 Rosalia Portuguese Portuguese form of Rosalia F
1173 Rosalina Portuguese Latinate form of Rosaline F
1174 Rosana Portuguese Portuguese form of Roxana F
1175 Rosane Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese form of Rosanne F
1176 Rosario Portuguese Form of Rosario F
1177 Rosiana Portuguese Feminine form of Rosianus F
1178 Rosiliria Portuguese Rose F
1179 Rosinha Portuguese Portuguese diminutive of Rosa F
1180 Rovena Portuguese Albanian, Croatian, Lithuanian and Portuguese form of Rowena F
1181 Roziana Portuguese Variant of Rosiana F
1182 Rute Portuguese Portuguese form of Ruth F
1183 Sabina Portuguese A Sabine F
1184 Sacramento Portuguese Sacrament F
1185 Saelia Portuguese Short form of Rosaelia F
1186 Safira Portuguese Polish and Portuguese form of Sapphira F
1187 Salome Portuguese French, Spanish and Portuguese form of Salome F
1188 Samanta Portuguese Variant of Samantha F
1189 Sameiro Portuguese Our Lady of Sameiro F
1190 Sandra Portuguese Short form of Alessandra F
1191 Sandrina Portuguese Short form of Alexandrina F
1192 Sar Portuguese Diminutive of Sarah F
1193 Sara Portuguese Form of Sarah F
1194 Saudade Portuguese Portuguese cognate of Soledad F
1195 Savana Portuguese Variant of Savannah F
1196 Scarleth Portuguese Variant of Scarlett F
1197 Scarlette Portuguese Variant of Scarlett F
1198 Sebastiana Portuguese Italian, Spanish and Portuguese feminine form of Sebastiana F
1199 Segunda Portuguese Spanish, Galician and Portuguese form of Secunda F
1200 Senna Portuguese Brilliance, Radiance, Splendour F
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