Popular Roman names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abundantia Roman Abundantia F
2 Accalia Roman According to questionable sources F

3 Accia Roman Feminine form of Accius F
4 Accius Roman Roman nomen perhaps meaning a call, summons M
5 Achates Roman Perhaps derived from the name of a river in Sicily M
6 Acilius Roman wit, sharp M
7 Acmona Roman A companion of Aeneas M
8 Acutia Roman Feminine form of Acutius F
9 Acutius Roman sharpened, pointed M
10 Addicus Roman Athenian M
11 Adelphasium Roman unknown F
12 Adeona Roman The Roman goddess who guides the child back home F
13 Aedia Roman Feminine form of Aedius F

14 Aedius Roman A Roman family name M
15 Aelia Roman Feminine form of Aelius M
16 Aeliana Roman Feminine form of Aelianus M
17 Aeliana Roman Feminine form of Aelianus F
18 Aelianus Roman Roman Cognomen that Was a Derivative of Aelius M
19 Aemilia Roman Feminine form of Aemilius F
20 Aemiliana Roman Feminine form of Aemilianus F
21 Aemilianus Roman Original Roman form of Emiliano M
22 Aemilius Roman Original Roman form of Emil M
23 Aeneas Roman praise M
24 Aequitas Roman equity, equality, fairness M
25 Aetius Roman eagle M
26 Afrania Roman Feminine form of Afranius F
27 Afranius Roman Roman nomen gentile of uncertain origin M
28 Africana Roman Feminine form of Africanus F
29 Afrikanus Roman Roman cognomen derived from the place name Africa M
30 Agata Roman Form of Agatha in various languages F
31 Agenoria Roman to do, drive, go F
32 Agricola Roman farmer; grower M
33 Agrippa Roman Roman cognomen of unknown meaning, possibly from a combination of Greek M
34 Agrippa Roman possibly F
35 Agrippina Roman Feminine derivative of Agrippa F
36 Agustine Roman Great M
37 Ahenobarbus Roman bronze beard M
38 Aimilia Roman Hellenized form of Aemilia F
39 Akylinia Roman Hellenized form of Aquilina M
40 Akylinos Roman Hellenized form of Aquilinus M
41 Akylsa Roman Hellenized form of Aquila M
42 Alator Roman hunstman M
43 Alba Roman Feminine form of Albus F
44 Albanos Roman Hellenized form of Albanus M
45 Albanus Roman Latin form of Alban M
46 Albina Roman Feminine form of Albinus F
47 Albinia Roman Feminine form of Albinius M
48 Albinianus Roman Roman cognomen which was derived from Albinius M
49 Albinius Roman Roman nomen gentile which was derived from Albinius M
50 Albinos Roman Hellenized form of Albinus M
51 Albinus Roman Roman cognomen that was a derivative of Albus M
52 Albunea Roman A Roman nymph of the sulfuric spring near Tibur M
53 Albus Roman white, bright F
54 Alemona Roman Roman birth deity that feeds the embryo or generally nourished growth in utero F
55 Alemonia Roman a wanderer, rover F
56 Alexinus Roman Hellenized form of Alexinus M
57 Amadias Roman Roman form of Amadeus M
58 Amica Roman Feminine form of Amicus F
59 Amicitia Roman friendship F
60 Amicius Roman friendly, welcome M
61 Amicus Roman friend M
62 Amor Roman love F
63 Ampliatus Roman to enlarge M
64 amulius Roman king of Alba Longa M
65 Anchises Roman The Aeneid M
66 Angerona Roman narrow, constricted F
67 Angitia Roman tribe in central Italy F
68 Anica Roman Feminine form of Anicius F
69 Anicius Roman Derived from a Roman nomen gentile of uncertain origin M
70 Annia Roman She was an Empress of Rome and third wife of the Roman emperor F
71 Annonaria Roman she who supplies corn F
72 Antonia Roman Feminine form of Antonius F
73 Antonina Roman Feminine form of Antoninus F
74 Antoninos Roman Hellenized form of Antoninus M
75 Antoninus Roman Roman cognomen, a derivative of Antoninus M
76 Aphrikanos Roman Hellenized form of Africanus M
77 Appia Roman Feminine form of Appius M
78 Appius Roman This was a Roman praenomen M
79 Aquila Roman Aquila M
80 Aquila Roman eagle F
81 Aquilia Roman Feminine form of Aquillius F
82 Aquilina Roman Roman Cognomen that was a Derivative of Aquila M
83 Aquillius Roman eagle M
84 aricia Roman Aricia was a niece of King Aegeus F
85 Aries Roman ram M
86 Arria Roman Feminine form of Arrius F
87 Arrius Roman of which the meaning is unknown M
88 Arruns Roman Latinized form of Arnth M
89 Arruntia Roman Feminine form of Arruntius F
90 Arruntius Roman Which is Derived From the Personal Male Name Arruns M
91 Ascanius Roman also called Julus M
92 Asper Roman asper meaning rough M
93 Atia Roman Name of the Mother of the Roman Emperor Augustus F
94 Atilius Roman Original Latin form of Attilio M
95 Audia Roman The feminine form of Avidius F
96 Aufidia Roman Feminine form of Aufidius M
97 Aufidius Roman au, may have been derived from the Latin preverb au M
98 Augoustinos Roman Hellenized form of Augustinus M
99 Augoustos Roman Hellenized form of Augustus M
100 Augusta Roman Feminine form of Augustus F
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