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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
301 Marcellus Roman Roman family name that was originally a diminutive of Marcus M
302 Marcius Roman Roman Family Name that Was a derivative of the Praenomen Marcus M

303 Marcus Roman or given name M
304 Marianus Roman Which Was Itself Derived From the Roman Name Marius M
305 Marius Roman Roman family name that was derived either from Mars M
306 Markellinos Roman Hellenized form of Markellinus M
307 Marolus Roman Derived from the Latin Marolus M
308 Mars Roman Possibly related to Latin mas meaning "male" M
309 Marte Roman Spanish and Portuguese form of Mars M
310 Martialis Roman Original Latin form of Martial M
311 Martinos Roman Hellenized form of Martinus M
312 Martinus Roman Original Latin form of Martin M
313 Martius Roman Variant of MARCIUS. It is the name of a sixth century saint M

314 Marullus Roman becoming too powerful M
315 Maternus Roman maternal, motherly M
316 Maturinus Roman Possibly derived from Latin maturus meaning "mature" M
317 Maxentios Roman Hellenized form of Maxentius M
318 Maxentius Roman Latin form of Maxence M
319 Maximianus Roman Roman cognomen that was derived from Maximus M
320 Maximilianus Roman Roman form of Maximilian M
321 Maximinos Roman Hellenized form of Maximinus M
322 Maximus Roman greatest M
323 Memmius Roman This is the name of a fourth century saint M
324 Menas Roman Presumably a Contracted form of Menodorus M
325 Mens Roman mind M
326 Mercurius Roman Latin form of Mercury M
327 Mercury Roman to trade M
328 Messala Roman Character from The Hunger Games-Mockingjay M
329 Metellus Roman hired servant M
330 Mettius Roman magistrar M
331 Minervinus Roman Roman Cognomen That Was a Derivative of the Roman Goddess Minerva M
332 Minervius Roman From the Name of the Roman Goddess Minerwa M
333 Mitya Roman Diminutive of Dimitry M
334 Montanus Roman Founder of Montanism M
335 Mucius Roman Ancient Roman Gens Name. The Feminine form of this Name is Mucia M
336 Mutunus Roman in Some Respects Equated With Priapus M
337 Naevius Roman Latin form of Nevio M
338 natalis Roman Also the Polish Masculine form of Natalia M
339 Naucratius Roman and brother to St. Basil the Great M
340 Necessitus Roman Masculine Form of Necessitas M
341 Neptune Roman wet, damp, clouds M
342 Neptuno Roman Spanish and European Portuguese form of Nepatune M
343 Neptunus Roman Latin form of Nepatune M
344 Nerius Roman strong, vigorous M
345 Nero Roman strong, vigorous M
346 Neron Roman Hellenized form of Nero as well as the Bosnian M
347 Neroua Roman Hellenized form of Nerva M
348 Nerva Roman strength M
349 Nervas Roman Late Greek and Modern Greek Form of Neroua M
350 Nettuno Roman Italian form of Neptune M
351 Nisus Roman unknown M
352 Nonus Roman ninth M
353 Nox Roman night M
354 Numerius Roman to count, to number, to pay M
355 Numitor Roman unknown M
356 Nymphias Roman descended from a nymph M
357 Octavianus Roman Latin form of Octavian M
358 Octavius Roman eighth M
359 Oenomaus Roman Son of Ares M
360 Opimius Roman fertile, fruitful M
361 Opiter Roman Archaic Roman praenomen which had already fallen out of use by the 1st century M
362 Opiternius Roman Roman Nomen Gentile Which Was Derived From Opiter M
363 Oppius Roman Roman nomen gentile which was originally a praenomen M
364 Optimus Roman excellent M
365 Orcus Roman Likely a Roman Transliteration of Horcus M
366 Orestinus Roman Roman Cognomen That Was a Derivative of the Greek Name Orestes M
367 Otho Roman Roman cognomen of unknown meaning M
368 Oualentinianos Roman Hellenized form of Valentinianus M
369 Oualerianos Roman Hellenized form of Valerianus M
370 Oualerios Roman Hellenized form of Valerius M
371 Ouespasianos Roman Greek form of Vespasianus M
372 Ouiktor Roman Hellenized form of Victor M
373 Ovidius Roman Latin form of Ovid M
374 Patrobas Roman paternal M
375 Paulinos Roman Hellenized form of Paulinus M
376 Paulinus Roman Original Latin form of Paulino M
377 Paulus Roman Latin form of Paul M
378 Pertinax Roman persistent, stubborn M
379 Petronius Roman yokel M
380 Phabianos Roman Hellenized form of Fabianus M
381 Phabios Roman Hellenized form of Fabius M
382 Phabrikios Roman Hellenized form of Fabricius M
383 Phaustinos Roman Hellenized form of Faustinus M
384 Phaustos Roman Hellenized form of Faustus M
385 Phloros Roman Hellenized form of Florus M
386 Phourios Roman Hellenized form of Furius M
387 Pictor Roman painter M
388 Pilumnus Roman staker M
389 Plautus Roman flat-eared M
390 Plinius Roman Original Latin form of Pliny M
391 Pluto Roman wealth M
392 Pollux Roman very sweet M
393 Pompeius Roman Latin form of Pompey M
394 Pompilius Roman Latin form of Pompiliu M
395 Pompo Roman Oscan Equivalent of Quintus M
396 Pontios Roman Hellenized form of Pontius M
397 Pontius Roman fifth M
398 Poplios Roman You Could Say That This Name is a Late Greek Variant of Poublios M
399 Poppaeus Roman It may be related to Latin populus "people" M
400 Porcius Roman Roman family name meaning M
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