Popular Sanskrit names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aadin Sanskrit Whole Day M
2 Aadrika Sanskrit Mountain M

3 Aahana Sanskrit Variant of Ahana M
4 Aahanah Sanskrit Variant of Aahana F
5 Aahlada Sanskrit Feminine form of Aahlad F
6 Aakeerah Sanskrit Graceful Strength F
7 Aamish Sanskrit Bait, Lure, Something That Tempts M
8 Aarav Sanskrit Peaceful Melody M
9 Aarna Sanskrit Wave, Ocean F
10 Aarsh Sanskrit Words of the Rishis M
11 Aarshi Sanskrit Variant of Aarsh F
12 Aashis Sanskrit Blessings M
13 Aashritha Sanskrit Someone Who Gives Shelter F

14 Aastiki Sanskrit One Who Believes in a God or Gods Theist F
15 Aatmaja Sanskrit Daughter F
16 Aavya Sanskrit To Animate F
17 Abani Sanskrit Earth F
18 Abhaya Sanskrit Fearless F
19 Abhishri Sanskrit Surrounded By With Glory F
20 Acala Sanskrit Moving F
21 Achala Sanskrit The Earth F
22 Achindra Sanskrit Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect, Without Faults F
23 Achindra Sanskrit Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect, Without Faults M
24 Adasi Sanskrit Feminine form of Adas F
25 Adeen Sanskrit Not Depressed M
26 Adhira Sanskrit Impatient M
27 Adica Sanskrit Bringing Souls Together F
28 Adit Sanskrit Sun M
29 Advait Sanskrit Not Dual M
30 Advay Sanskrit Without Second, Unique M
31 Adwaita Sanskrit One And Only M
32 Afaq Sanskrit World, Horizon F
33 Agathe Sanskrit Form of Agatha M
34 Agharna Sanskrit The Moon M
35 Agnimitra Sanskrit Friend of Fire F
36 Agnimitra Sanskrit Friend of Fire M
37 Agniprava Sanskrit Bright as Fire M
38 Agrata Sanskrit Leadership M
39 Ahan Sanskrit Day M
40 Ahani Sanskrit Feminine form of Ahan F
41 Ahimsa Sanskrit Non Violence Harmlessness F
42 Ahinsa Sanskrit Variant of Ahimsa F
43 Ahinsaan Sanskrit Masculine form of Ahimsa M
44 Ahinsak Sanskrit Masculine form of Ahimas M
45 Ahinsya Sanskrit Variant of Ahimsa F
46 Ahlad Sanskrit Joy, Delight, Refreshing M
47 Ahlada Sanskrit Joy, Delight, Refreshing, Reviving F
48 Ahladini Sanskrit Causing Joy or Delight F
49 Ahladita Sanskrit Delighted, Rejoiced F
50 Ahna Sanskrit Day F
51 Aikya Sanskrit Variant of Ikya F
52 Ail Sanskrit Plenty M
53 Aila Sanskrit Name of a River, a Particular Number, Plenty of Refreshment F
54 Ailab Sanskrit Noise, Cry, Roaring M
55 Aira Sanskrit Heap or Plenty of Food F
56 Aish Sanskrit Divine, Supreme, Regal M
57 Aishik Sanskrit Divine, Relating to Shiva M
58 Aishika Sanskrit Relating to Lord Shiva F
59 Ajju Sanskrit Mother F
60 Ajna Sanskrit Wisdom F
61 Akei Sanskrit Born In Autumn F
62 Akhed Sanskrit Pain M
63 Akheda Sanskrit Feminine form of Akhed F
64 Akop Sanskrit Angerless M
65 Akopan Sanskrit Anger, Irritation M
66 Akroora Sanskrit Not Cruel, Gentle M
67 Akshata Sanskrit Uninjured F
68 Akshita Sanskrit limitless, Undecayed, Uninjured, Imperishable F
69 Akshiti Sanskrit Imperishableness, Imperishable F
70 Akshj Sanskrit Born With Knowledge M
71 Alar Sanskrit Door A Kind of Aloe Plant M
72 Alfina Sanskrit Elf, Magical Counsel F
73 Alieza Sanskrit Happiness, Joyous, Delightful F
74 Alobha Sanskrit Free From Greed or Cupidity F
75 Alobhin Sanskrit Free From Desires M
76 Alobhini Sanskrit Free From Desires F
77 Amara Sanskrit Feminine form of Amar F
78 Amaryn Sanskrit Feminine form of Amar F
79 Amatul-Muheet Sanskrit Servant Of The Responder F
80 Amithya Sanskrit Not Falsely Truthfully F
81 Ammay Sanskrit Hindi, Sanskrit Script M
82 Ammayi Sanskrit Formed From or Consisting of Water M
83 Amoor Sanskrit Astute M
84 Amul Sanskrit Rootless, Baseless ,Without Authority, Not Resting on Authority M
85 Amula Sanskrit Rootless Agnishikha Plant F
86 Amura Sanskrit Intelligent M
87 Anamrin Sanskrit Having No Enemy That Can Injure M
88 Aneecha Sanskrit Decent, Respectable F
89 Aninna Sanskrit Variant of Anina F
90 Anirbhav Sanskrit Means Spiritual Warrior M
91 Anjay Sanskrit Unconquerable, Unbeatable M
92 Anji Sanskrit Blessing, Brilliancy, Oointment F
93 Annasha Sanskrit Hopeful F
94 Annli Sanskrit Short form of ANNELI F
95 Anukta Sanskrit Unexpressed, Unsaid F
96 Anuma Sanskrit Inference M
97 Anuradh Sanskrit Happiness M
98 Anushkaa Sanskrit Ray of Light F
99 Anushtha Sanskrit To Stand Near or By, Follow Out, To Govern, To Superitend, Attend To, Do F
100 Anvi Sanskrit To Be Guided By F
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