Popular Sanskrit names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aadin Sanskrit Whole Day M
2 Aadin Sanskrit Whole Day F

3 Aadrika Sanskrit Mountain M
4 Aahana Sanskrit Variant of Ahana M
5 Aahanah Sanskrit Variant of Aahana F
6 Aahlada Sanskrit Feminine form of Aahlad F
7 Aamish Sanskrit Bait, Lure, Something That Tempts M
8 Aarav Sanskrit Peaceful Melody M
9 Aarna Sanskrit Wave, Ocean F
10 Aarsh Sanskrit Words of the Rishis M
11 Aarshi Sanskrit Variant of Aarsh F
12 Aashis Sanskrit Blessings M
13 Aashritha Sanskrit Someone Who Gives Shelter F

14 Aastiki Sanskrit One Who Believes in a God or Gods Theist F
15 Aatmaja Sanskrit Daughter F
16 Aavya Sanskrit To Animate F
17 Abani Sanskrit Earth F
18 Abhaya Sanskrit Fearless F
19 Abhishri Sanskrit Surrounded By With Glory F
20 Acala Sanskrit Moving F
21 Achala Sanskrit The Earth F
22 Achindra Sanskrit Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect, Without Faults M
23 Achindra Sanskrit Flawless, Uninterrupted, Perfect, Without Faults F
24 Adasi Sanskrit Feminine form of Adas F
25 Adeen Sanskrit Not Depressed M
26 Adhira Sanskrit Impatient M
27 Adit Sanskrit Sun M
28 Advait Sanskrit Not Dual M
29 Advay Sanskrit Without Second, Unique M
30 Agathe Sanskrit Form of Agatha M
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