Popular Scottish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abhainn Scottish River. M
2 Abi Scottish Short form of Abigail F

3 Acair Scottish Anchor. M
4 Acaiseid Scottish Anchor. M
5 Achaius Scottish Friend of a horse. M
6 Ack Scottish Diminutive of Alexander M
7 Adair Scottish From the oak tree ford. F
8 Adair Scottish From the oak tree ford. Uncertain origin. May be a variant of Edgar, or from the Gaelic for 'oak tree ford'. Used for many hundreds of years as both surname and first name. M
9 Adaira Scottish From the oak tree ford. F
10 Adairia Scottish From the oak tree ford. F
11 Adamine Scottish Variant of Adamina F
12 Adhamh Scottish Of the earth. M
13 Adhamh Scottish Scottish Gaelic form of Adam M

14 Adian Scottish Anglicized form of Aodhan M
15 Aedie Scottish Diminutive of Aidam M
16 Aeneas Scottish Sometimes used in Scotland as a translation of the Gaelic Aonghus'. F
17 Aengus Scottish Unnaturally strong. M
18 Africa Scottish Anglicized form of Aifric F
19 Aibne Scottish River. M
20 Aidam Scottish Scots form of Adam M
21 Aifric Scottish Pleasant F
22 Ail Scottish From the stony place. M
23 Aila Scottish From the strong place. F
24 Ailbeart Scottish Scottish Gaelic form of Albert M
25 Ailbert Scottish Noble. M
26 Ailean Scottish Handsome. M
27 Aileana Scottish From the green meadow. F
28 Aileana Scottish Feminine form of Ailean M
29 Aileas Scottish Scottish form of Alice F
30 Aileen Scottish From the green meadow, a variant of Evelyn. Also a Scottish variant of the Irish Eileen. F
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