Popular Sinhala names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aahlada Sinhala Happy F
2 Adasi Sinhala Feminine Form Of Adas M

3 Afrina Sinhala Creator F
4 Ahamed Sinhala One Of Many Names Of The Prophet Muhammad M
5 Ahani Sinhala Feminine Form Of Ahan M
6 Ahlad Sinhala Joy, Delight, Refreshing M
7 Ahlada Sinhala Joy, Delight, Refreshing, Reviving F
8 Ahlada Sinhala Joy, Delight, Refreshing, Reviving M
9 Aish Sinhala Divine, Supreme, Regal M
10 Aishik Sinhala Divine, Relating To Shiva M
11 Akhed Sinhala Sorrowless Free From Pain Or Depression M
12 Amith Sinhala South Indian And Sinhalese Form Of Amit M
13 Anuradha Sinhala Causing Welfare, Causing Happiness F

14 Arjan Sinhala Procuring, Gaining , Earning, Acquiring M
15 Arna Sinhala River F
16 Aruddh Sinhala Hindered, Stop Or Obstruct M
17 Aruni Sinhala Son Of Aruna F
18 Asela Sinhala Unknown M
19 Asiri Sinhala Blessing M
20 Avan Sinhala Favour, Preservation, Protection M
21 Avya Sinhala To Animate, To Drive M
22 Awadh Sinhala Indestructible, Not Hurting Or Killing M
23 Awadha Sinhala Indestructible, Not Hurting, Innoxious M
24 Bimali Sinhala Feminine Form Of Bimal F
25 Bisa Sinhala Feminine Form Of Bis F
26 Bisala Sinhala Sprout, Bud, Young Shoot F
27 Bisala Sinhala Sprout, Bud, Young Shoot M
28 Bodhani Sinhala Intellect , Knowledge F
29 Chak Sinhala To Shine, Satiate, To Resist M
30 Chakori Sinhala Fabled To Subsist On Moonbeams M
31 Chamendra Sinhala The King Of The Moon M
32 Chamoda Sinhala Number Of Sri Lankan Women With This Name F
33 Champa Sinhala Frangipani Both Plant And Flower F
34 Champika Sinhala Little Champa Plumeria Flower M
35 Champika Sinhala Little Champa Plumeria Flower F
36 Chandika Sinhala Goddess M
37 Chandima Sinhala Moon M
38 Chandrika Sinhala Moonlight, Illumination, Splendour M
39 Chandrika Sinhala Moonlight, Illumination F
40 Charini Sinhala Behaviour, Conduct F
41 Chathura Sinhala Variant Transcription Of Chatura M
42 Chatura Sinhala Clever, Ingenious M
43 Damaruki Sinhala A Sort Of Drum F
44 Dasuni Sinhala Feminine Form Of Dasun F
45 Davith Sinhala Branch Of Learning M
46 Dewil Sinhala Righteous, Virtuous M
47 Dilan Sinhala Uncertain M
48 Dishan Sinhala An Instructor In Sacred Knowledge M
49 Dith Sinhala A Handsome Dark M
50 Dora Sinhala A Fillet Of Thread Or Cord Tied Round The Arm Or Wrist F
51 Duminda Sinhala Bodhi Tree M
52 Edha Sinhala Spread, Prosper F
53 Eshani Sinhala Iron Or Steel Probe F
54 Ezlynn Sinhala Feminist Movement F
55 Faleesha Sinhala Indian Tulip F
56 Fathima Sinhala Form Of Fatimah F
57 Gairi Sinhala Relating To Or Growing In Mountains F
58 Ganithage Sinhala Mathematical F
59 Ganithage Sinhala Mathematical M
60 Ghora Sinhala Night F
61 Githika Sinhala A Little Song F
62 Hemantha Sinhala Sinhalese Form Of Hemant M
63 Hemanthi Sinhala Born During The Early Winter F
64 Hemanti Sinhala Joyful F
65 Hiran Sinhala Gold M
66 Isht Sinhala Wished, Desired, Loved M
67 Janaka Sinhala Indian King M
68 Jet Sinhala Referring To An Intense Black Colour M
69 Jevann Sinhala Life M
70 Jyani Sinhala Knowing, Wise M
71 Jyotis Sinhala Light M
72 Kasun Sinhala Gold M
73 Khadyot Sinhala Sun, Fire-Fly M
74 Managa Sinhala Whimsical Pictures F
75 Mayura Sinhala Peacock F
76 Mehana Sinhala Abundantly, In Streams F
77 Mriduna Sinhala Gentle Lady, Soft, Moderate F
78 Mukhari Sinhala Bit Of A Bridle, Resonant, Talkative F
79 Mura Sinhala A Kind Of Fragrant Plant, Fragrance F
80 Nandana Sinhala Daughter F
81 Nilukshi Sinhala Blue F
82 Nipuni Sinhala Feminine Form Of Nipun F
83 Oha Sinhala Bringing Near, Excellent, Vehicle F
84 Ojmana Sinhala Speedy, Vigorous F
85 Okaja Sinhala Born In The House F
86 Oni Sinhala Heaven & Earth F
87 Osha Sinhala Shining, Burning F
88 Oshadhi Sinhala Medicinal Nerbs F
89 Pathma Sinhala Sinhalese Form Of Padma F
90 Rami Sinhala Night, Darkness F
91 Rangana Sinhala Actor Or Dancing F
92 Richeyu Sinhala One Who Knows Hymns F
93 Riddhida Sinhala Giver Of Sucess F
94 Ruchira Sinhala Brilliant, Radiant, Agreeable F
95 Sachithra Sinhala Real, True, Honest F
96 Saman Sinhala Jasmine M
97 Samantha Sinhala Variant Of Saman M
98 Samudra Sinhala Sea, Ocean M
99 Sana Sinhala Gauze, Thread F
100 Sangeetha Sinhala South Indian Transcription Of Sangita F
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