Popular Spanish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aamor Spanish Love F
2 Aaron Spanish Spanish form of Aaron M

3 Abarca Spanish Transferred use of the surname. In Spain, it used to be paired with Sancho M
4 Abdel Spanish Spanish form of Abdeel M
5 Abdero Spanish Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Abderos M
6 Abderraman Spanish Spanish form of Abdur-Rahman M
7 Abdias Spanish Spanish and Galician form of Obadiah M
8 Abdon Spanish Spanish, Galician and Kashubian form of Abdon M
9 Abejundio Spanish Bee-Like M
10 Abejundo Spanish Variant of Abejundio M
11 Abel Spanish Breath M
12 Abelarda Spanish Feminine form of Abelardo F
13 Abelardo Spanish Spanish, Galician and Portuguese form of Abelard M

14 Abelia Spanish Feminine form of Abel F
15 Abelina Spanish Spanish elaboration of Abelia F
16 Abenchara Spanish Great Tear F
17 Aberardo Spanish Variant of Abelardo M
18 Abercio Spanish Italian and Spanish form of Aberkios M
19 Abgaro Spanish Spanish form of Abgar M
20 Abigael Spanish Variant of Abigail F
21 Abigail Spanish Spanish form of Abigail M
22 Abileyza Spanish Spanish form of Abhilasha F
23 Abilio Spanish Spanish form of Avilius M
24 Abisay Spanish Spanish form of Abishai M
25 Abraham Spanish Father of Many M
26 Abrahan Spanish Spanish and Ladino form of Abraham M
27 Abran Spanish Variant of Abram 'Exalted father.'. M
28 Abril Spanish Spanish and Catalan form of April M
29 Abundancio Spanish Spanish form of Abundantius M
30 Abundio Spanish Spanish and Galician form of Abundius M
31 Acacia Spanish Honorable. In the Bible, acacia wood was used to build the wilderness Tabernacle. F
32 Acardio Spanish Spanish form of Archibald M
33 Aciano Spanish The Blue Bottle Flower M
34 Acilino Spanish Spanish variant of Aqulino M
35 Acteo Spanish Spanish form of Actaeus M
36 Adairis Spanish Combination of Ada F
37 Adalberto Spanish Variant of Alberto M
38 Adalia Spanish Of the nobility. Noble. F
39 Adalida Spanish Contracted form of Adelaida F
40 Adalina Spanish Variant of Adelina F
41 Adaluna Spanish Combination of Ada F
42 Adamari Spanish Variant of Adamaris F
43 Adamarie Spanish Variant of Adamaris F
44 Adamaris Spanish I love Truly F
45 Adamay Spanish Variant of Adamaris F
46 Adan Spanish Variant of Adam 'From the red earth.'. M
47 Adana Spanish Spanish feminine of Adam. F
48 Adassa Spanish Laughter F
49 Adaucto Spanish Spanish form of Adauctus M
50 Adauto Spanish Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Adauctus M
51 Adela Spanish Noble F
52 Adela Spanish Noble M
53 Adelaida Spanish Spanish form of Adelaide M
54 Adelardo Spanish Spanish and Italian form of Adalhard M
55 Adelayda Spanish Variant of Adelaida F
56 Adelbertina Spanish Feminine form of Adelbert F
57 Adelelma Spanish Feminine form of Adelelmo F
58 Adelelmo Spanish Italian, Spanish and Adelhelm M
59 Adelfa Spanish Italian and Spanish form of Adelphia F
60 Adelia Spanish Elaborated form of Adela M
61 Adelina Spanish Noble or kind or winged. F
62 Adelina Spanish Noble F
63 Adelina Spanish Noble M
64 Adelino Spanish Masculine form of Adelina M
65 Adelio Spanish Italian and Spanish masculinization of Adelia M
66 Adelissa Spanish Variant of Adelisa F
67 Adelita Spanish Kind or winged; Of the nobility. Noble. F
68 Adelita Spanish Spanish Diminutive of Adela F
69 Adelita Spanish Spanish diminutive of Adela M
70 Adella Spanish Of the nobility. Noble. F
71 Adelma Spanish Feminine form of Adelmo F
72 Adelmo Spanish Helmet Protection M
73 Adelys Spanish Hispanic variant of Adelissa F
74 Adeodato Spanish Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Adeodatus M
75 Adeodta Spanish Feminine form of Adeodatus M
76 Adiela Spanish Feminine form of Adiel F
77 Adilelma Spanish Variant of Adelelma F
78 Adisoda Spanish Satisfied Belly F
79 Admiel Spanish Man of God M
80 Adolfito Spanish Spanish diminutive of Adolfo M
81 Adolfo Spanish Italian and Spanish form of Adolf M
82 Adonay Spanish Spanish variant of Adonai M
83 Adonaya Spanish Feminine form of Adonay F
84 Adonia Spanish Feminine of Adonis. Beautiful lady. F
85 Adonias Spanish Spanish form of Adonijah M
86 Adora Spanish Short form of Adoracion M
87 Adoracion Spanish Adoration M
88 Adrasto Spanish Galician, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Adrastos M
89 Adri Spanish Diminutive of Adrian M
90 Adria Spanish Variant of Adria M
91 Adriadna Spanish Possibly a blend of Adrian F
92 Adrian Spanish Spanish, Hungarian and Slovak form of Hadrian M
93 Adriana Spanish Dark F
94 Adriani Spanish Feminine form of Adrianos F
95 Adriano Spanish Dark; Variant of Adrian. From Adria.: (The Adriatic sea region.). M
96 Adriela Spanish Feminine form of Adriel F
97 Aecio Spanish Spanish form of Aetius M
98 Afareo Spanish Italian and Spanish form of Aphareus M
99 Afrania Spanish Feminine form of Afranius F
100 Afranio Spanish Italian and Spanish form of Afranius M
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