Popular Spanish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aamor Spanish Love F
2 Aaron Spanish Spanish form of Aaron M

3 Abarca Spanish Transferred use of the surname. In Spain, it used to be paired with Sancho M
4 Abdel Spanish Spanish form of Abdeel M
5 Abdero Spanish Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Abderos M
6 Abderraman Spanish Spanish form of Abdur-Rahman M
7 Abdias Spanish Spanish and Galician form of Obadiah M
8 Abdon Spanish Spanish, Galician and Kashubian form of Abdon M
9 Abejundio Spanish Bee-Like M
10 Abejundo Spanish Variant of Abejundio M
11 Abel Spanish Breath M
12 Abelarda Spanish Feminine form of Abelardo F
13 Abelardo Spanish Spanish, Galician and Portuguese form of Abelard M

14 Abelia Spanish Feminine form of Abel F
15 Abelina Spanish Spanish elaboration of Abelia F
16 Abenchara Spanish Great Tear F
17 Aberardo Spanish Variant of Abelardo M
18 Abercio Spanish Italian and Spanish form of Aberkios M
19 Abgaro Spanish Spanish form of Abgar M
20 Abigael Spanish Variant of Abigail F
21 Abigail Spanish Spanish form of Abigail M
22 Abileyza Spanish Spanish form of Abhilasha F
23 Abilio Spanish Spanish form of Avilius M
24 Abisay Spanish Spanish form of Abishai M
25 Abraham Spanish Father of Many M
26 Abrahan Spanish Spanish and Ladino form of Abraham M
27 Abran Spanish Variant of Abram 'Exalted father.'. M
28 Abril Spanish The month April; symbolizes spring. F
29 Abril Spanish Spanish and Catalan form of April M
30 Abundancio Spanish Spanish form of Abundantius M
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