Popular Swedish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Aagot Swedish Variant of Agot F
2 Abbe Swedish Diminutive of Abraham M

3 Abela Swedish Obsolete Low German Short form of Both Apollonia M
4 Abigajil Swedish Variant of Abigail F
5 Abraham Swedish Many M
6 Abrahmina Swedish Feminine form of Abraham F
7 Acelia Swedish Latinized form of Assela F
8 Acke Swedish Swedish Short form of Axel M
9 Adala Swedish Of uncertain origin and meaning F
10 Adalmina Swedish Variant of Adalmina F
11 Adam Swedish To Be Red M
12 Adelena Swedish Variant of Adelina F
13 Adelin Swedish Medieval French Masculine form of Adeline F

14 Adla Swedish Contracted form of Adela F
15 Adolf Swedish Noble Wolf M
16 Adolph Swedish Noble wolf. M
17 Adolphus Swedish Noble wolf. M
18 Adonia Swedish Hellenized form Adonias M
19 Adrian Swedish Dark. F
20 Affe Swedish Diminutive of Alf M
21 Agata Swedish Pure. F
22 Agate Swedish French Variant and Nordic and Latvian form of Agathe F
23 Agaton Swedish Pure. F
24 Agda Swedish Pure. F
25 Agder Swedish Variant of Agdar M
26 Agga Swedish Diminutive of Agathe F
27 Agir Swedish Swedish form of Aegir M
28 Agmund Swedish Edge M
29 Agna Swedish Feminine form of Agni F
30 Agne Swedish Scandinavian Variant of Agna F
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