Popular Turkish names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Abdi Turkish Servant M
2 Abduaziz Turkish Older form of Abdul-Aziz M

3 Abdulhadi Turkish Turkish form of Abdul-Hadi M
4 Abdulhamid Turkish Older form of Abdulhamit M
5 Abdulhamit Turkish Turkish form of Abd Al-Hamid M
6 Abdulkerim Turkish Turkish form of Abd Al- Karim M
7 Abdullah Turkish Alternate transcription of Arabic Abd Allah M
8 Abdulmecid Turkish Ottoman Turkish form of Abd Al-Majid M
9 Abdulmecit Turkish Turkish form of Abd Al-Majid M
10 Abdulsamet Turkish Combination of Abdul M
11 Abdurrahim Turkish Turkish and Indonesian form and Arabic variant transcription of Abd Al-Rahim M
12 Abdurrahman Turkish Arabic alternate transcription of Abd Al-Rahman M
13 Abide Turkish Monument F

14 Abidin Turkish Worshippers M
15 Abuhayat Turkish Combination of Abu F
16 Acar Turkish Fearless F
17 Acar Turkish Fearless M
18 Acarsu Turkish Stream F
19 Acelya Turkish Azalea F
20 Aci Turkish Variant of Haci M
21 Acun Turkish Universe M
22 Ada Turkish Island F
23 Adak Turkish Vow, Offering F
24 Adak Turkish Vow, Offering M
25 Adalet Turkish Justice F
26 Adalet Turkish Justice M
27 Adeviye Turkish Goodness F
28 Adil Turkish Turkish form of Adil M
29 Adile Turkish Turkish feminine form of Adil F
30 Adile Turkish Turkish feminine form of Adil M
31 Adin Turkish What is your name M
32 Adli Turkish Famous F
33 Adnan Turkish Settler M
34 Afet Turkish Ravishingly Beautiful F
35 Afife Turkish Uncorrupted F
36 Afitab Turkish Sunlight F
37 Agan Turkish Shooting Star M
38 Ahenk Turkish Harmony, Tune M
39 Ahmed Turkish Variant of Ahmad M
40 Ahmet Turkish Turkish form of Ahmad M
41 Ahmir Turkish Variant of Amir M
42 Ahsen Turkish Turkish form of Ahsan F
43 Ahsen Turkish Turkish form of Ahsan M
44 ahteran Turkish Stars F
45 Ahu Turkish Female Deer F
46 Ainaz Turkish Pretty F
47 Aira Turkish Moon F
48 Ajda Turkish Turkish form of Ayda F
49 Akagunduz Turkish Daytime M
50 Akan Turkish Flowing M
51 Akar Turkish Flowing M
52 Akasya Turkish Turkish form of Acacia F
53 Akay Turkish Moon F
54 Akay Turkish Moon M
55 Akca Turkish Pale F
56 Akdol Turkish Progeny M
57 Akif Turkish One Who Stays At The Mosque M
58 Akin Turkish Attacker M
59 Akinci Turkish Pearl M
60 Akincibay Turkish Gentleman M
61 Akkaya Turkish Rock M
62 Akkutlu Turkish Happy, Blessed F
63 Aksel Turkish Flood Whitewater Torrent M
64 Akyildiz Turkish Star F
65 Akyildiz Turkish Star M
66 Alemsah Turkish World, Universe F
67 Alemsah Turkish Shah, King M
68 Alesta Turkish Watchful F
69 Aleyna Turkish On Us F
70 Aleyna Turkish On Us M
71 Ali Turkish Turkish form of Ali M
72 Ali-Riza Turkish Turkish form of Alireza M
73 Aliasaf Turkish Combination of the names Ali M
74 Alim Turkish Turkish form of Alim M
75 Aliye Turkish Turkish form of Aliyah F
76 Aliye Turkish Turkish form of Aliyah F
77 Almila Turkish Apple F
78 Alpaslan Turkish Variant of Alparslan M
79 Alperen Turkish Holy Person M
80 Alpertunga Turkish Male M
81 Altan Turkish Red Dawn M
82 Altemur Turkish Red Iron M
83 Altin Turkish Gold M
84 Alwyn Turkish From the name of the River Alwen in Wales M
85 Amatullah Turkish Feminine form of Abdullah F
86 Amine Turkish Turkish form of Aminah F
87 Anadolu Turkish Turkish form of Anatolis M
88 Anil Turkish To Be Remembered M
89 Anka Turkish Phoenix M
90 Ansar Turkish Turkish form of Ansar M
91 Anver Turkish Turkish and Bosnian form of Anwar M
92 Aras Turkish Balanced M
93 Ardesir Turkish Turkish form of Ardashir M
94 Ardic Turkish Juniper F
95 Arif Turkish Turkish and Azerbaijani form of Arif M
96 Arife Turkish Learned, Knowing, Expert F
97 Arin Turkish Purified F
98 Arkin Turkish Old and wise man M
99 Armagan Turkish Gift, Bestowal M
100 Arpad Turkish Barley M
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