Popular Vietnamese names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 An Vietnamese Peace. M
2 An Vietnamese peace, quiet F

3 An Toan Vietnamese Safe; secure. M
4 Anh Vietnamese Anh M
5 Anh Vietnamese intelligent F
6 Bac Vietnamese silver M
7 Bao Vietnamese leopard M
8 Baolinh Vietnamese protective, spring F
9 Bay Vietnamese Name that means 'born on Saturday'. M
10 Be Vietnamese small M
11 Bian Vietnamese secret" in Vietnamese F
12 Bich Vietnamese bluish green F
13 Bine Vietnamese sea, ocean" in Vietnamese M

14 Binh Vietnamese Section. M
15 Binh Vietnamese level F
16 Bu Vietnamese Leader. M
17 Buom Vietnamese butterfly F
18 Ca Vietnamese the eldest M
19 Cadao Vietnamese Song. M
20 Cam Vietnamese orange F
21 Can Vietnamese Advice; counsel. M
22 Canh Vietnamese scenery M
23 Cao Vietnamese high M
24 Cay Vietnamese lucky M
25 Cham Vietnamese He who works hard. M
26 Chan Vietnamese Right. M
27 Chau Vietnamese Pearl. M
28 Chau Vietnamese pearl F
29 Chi Vietnamese branch F
30 Chien Vietnamese fight M
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