Popular Vietnamese names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 An Vietnamese Peace. M
2 An Vietnamese peace, quiet F

3 An-Toan Vietnamese Safe; secure. M
4 Anh Vietnamese Anh M
5 Anh Vietnamese intelligent F
6 Bac Vietnamese silver M
7 Bao Vietnamese leopard M
8 Baolinh Vietnamese protective, spring F
9 Bay Vietnamese Name that means 'born on Saturday'. M
10 Be Vietnamese small M
11 Benoi Vietnamese Son of My Sorrow M
12 Bian Vietnamese secret" in Vietnamese F
13 Bich Vietnamese bluish green F

14 Bine Vietnamese sea, ocean" in Vietnamese M
15 Binh Vietnamese Section. M
16 Binh Vietnamese level F
17 Bu Vietnamese Leader. M
18 Buom Vietnamese butterfly F
19 Ca Vietnamese the eldest M
20 Cadao Vietnamese Song. M
21 Cam Vietnamese orange F
22 Can Vietnamese Advice; counsel. M
23 Canh Vietnamese scenery M
24 Cao Vietnamese high M
25 Cay Vietnamese lucky M
26 Cham Vietnamese He who works hard. M
27 Chan Vietnamese Right. M
28 Chau Vietnamese Pearl. M
29 Chau Vietnamese pearl F
30 Chi Vietnamese branch F
31 Chien Vietnamese fight M
32 Chim Vietnamese Bird. M
33 Chinh Vietnamese righteousness M
34 Chong-Duy Vietnamese Eats like a bird. M
35 Chuong Vietnamese Very popular Vietnamese name M
36 Cuc Vietnamese chrysanthemum F
37 Cuong Vietnamese strong M
38 Dai Vietnamese noble M
39 Dan Vietnamese Positive. M
40 Dang Vietnamese Valuable. M
41 Danh Vietnamese reputation M
42 Dao Vietnamese road M
43 Dat Vietnamese earth M
44 Dau Vietnamese fight M
45 De Vietnamese royalty M
46 Diep Vietnamese leaf F
47 Dieu Vietnamese exquisite F
48 Dieu-Hien Vietnamese Amaryllis (flower). M
49 Din Vietnamese Calm. M
50 Dinh Vietnamese Stable. M
51 Dinh-Hoa Vietnamese Flower at the peak. M
52 Du Vietnamese Play. M
53 Duc Vietnamese Virtuous. M
54 Duoc Vietnamese Ethical. M
55 Duy Vietnamese the only M
56 Dzuy Vietnamese Variant of Duy M
57 gia Vietnamese excellent M
58 Giang Vietnamese river F
59 Hang Vietnamese lady F
60 Hanh Vietnamese good girl M
61 Hien Vietnamese meek, gentle M
62 Hieu Vietnamese filial piety M
63 Hoa Vietnamese peace M
64 Hoai Vietnamese always, eternal M
65 Hoi Vietnamese reunite F
66 Hong Vietnamese rosy F
67 Hop Vietnamese Transferred Use of the Surname Hop M
68 Hue Vietnamese bright F
69 Hung Vietnamese making rich M
70 Huong Vietnamese fragrant F
71 Huy Vietnamese glorious M
72 Huyen Vietnamese Jet Black F
73 Huynh Vietnamese gold, yellow M
74 Kha Vietnamese rather M
75 Khanh Vietnamese precious stone M
76 Kho Vietnamese Dry M
77 Khoa Vietnamese science M
78 Khue Vietnamese a bright star M
79 Khuyen Vietnamese advise M
80 Kieu Vietnamese beautiful and talent M
81 Kim Vietnamese metal F
82 Kimwan Vietnamese Combination of the names KIM M
83 Kirt Vietnamese hero M
84 Lan Vietnamese elegant F
85 Lanan Vietnamese Combination of the names Lan and An M
86 Lanh Vietnamese good, favourable F
87 Le Vietnamese propriety M
88 Lien Vietnamese water lily F
89 Lieng Vietnamese In Vietnamese, the name is likely M
90 Lieu Vietnamese willow M
91 linh Vietnamese spirit F
92 Liyen Vietnamese Vietnamese form of LIYAN M
93 loan Vietnamese which refers to a mythological bird F
94 Loc Vietnamese bud M
95 Loi Vietnamese to loosen M
96 Long Vietnamese dragon M
97 Luan Vietnamese reason M
98 Luc Vietnamese green M
99 Mai Vietnamese plum F
100 Maitu Vietnamese Combination of the names Mai M
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