Popular Welsh names for girls and boys

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ab Owen Welsh Son of Owen. M
2 Aberfa Welsh From the mouth of the river. F

3 Abertha Welsh Sacrifice. F
4 Abertha Welsh Sacrifice M
5 Aberthol Welsh Sacrifice. M
6 Adain Welsh Winged. F
7 Adara Welsh Catches birds. F
8 Adda Welsh Welsh form of Adam 'of the red earth'. M
9 Addfwyn Welsh Meek. F
10 Addien Welsh Beautiful. F
11 Addiena Welsh Beautiful. F
12 Addolgar Welsh Devout. M
13 Adenydd Welsh Winged. F

14 Aderyn Welsh Bird F
15 Adwen Welsh White, Fair, Blessed F
16 Adwr Welsh Coward. M
17 Adyna Welsh Wretched. F
18 Aedd Welsh A king of Ireland. M
19 Aedd Welsh Fire M
20 Aelhaearn Welsh Iron M
21 Aelhearn Welsh Variant of Aelhaearn M
22 Aelod Welsh Wealth, Fortune M
23 Aelwen Welsh White; Fair; Blessed F
24 Aelwyd Welsh From the hearth. F
25 Aeres Welsh Heiress F
26 Aeron Welsh Berry M
27 Aeron Welsh Berry F
28 Aerona Welsh Variant of Aeron F
29 Aeronwen Welsh White, Fair, Blessed F
30 Aeronwy Welsh Extended form of Aeron F
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