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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
101 Aakattak NativeAmerican Dialect variant of Akasik M
102 Aakav Hindu Shape M

103 Aakav Hindu Shape, To Form M
104 Aake Finnish Diminutive of Akaaton M
105 Aakesh Hindu Sky ; A Variant Of Aakash M
106 Aakesh Hindu Lord Of The Sky M
107 Aakif Muslim Given Attached.. M
108 Aakil Hindu Intelligent M
109 Aakko Finnish Finnish diminutive of Aron M
110 Aakriti Hindu To Form, To Materialize M
111 Aaku Finnish Variant of Aake M
112 Aakusti Finnish Variant of Aukusti M
113 Aalam Muslim World. Universe.. M

114 Aalambi Hindu Continuer M
115 Aalamgeer Muslim Variant of Alamgir: Conqueror of the world.. M
116 Aalap Hindu Musical Prelude M
117 Aalavandan Hindu The Writing M
118 Aalderik Dutch Variant of Adelrik M
119 Aaldert Dutch Dutch form of Adelhard M
120 Aaldrik Dutch Variant of Aalderik M
121 Aale Finnish Old Swedish short form of names beginning with Al- and Finnish diminutive of Aarne M
122 Aalekh Hindu One Of Many Names Of Lord Shiva M
123 Aalf Dutch Dutch short form of Adolf M
124 Aalhad Hindu Pleasure; Be Glad; Rejoice M
125 Aalif Muslim Compassionate. Affectionate. M
126 Aalik NativeAmerican Variant of Alik M
127 Aaliksi NativeAmerican form of Alikse M
128 Aalim Muslim Variant of Alim: Man of learning. Wise.. M
129 Aallaaritaa NativeAmerican Form of Autdlarita M
130 Aalok Hindu Light Of God M
131 Aalok Indian Variant of Alok M
132 Aalok Hindu Moon M
133 Aalona Hawaiian Hawaiian form of Aaron M
134 Aaludaiperuma Hindu Explorer Of The Sea; Name In Devotion Of Lord Vishnu M
135 Aalyrah African-American Variant of Alira M
136 Aamaasi NativeAmerican form of Amase M
137 Aamannguaq NativeAmerican Glow, Glowing M
138 Aamer Indian Alternate transcription of 'Aamir M
139 Aamer Hindu Alternate Transcription Of 'Aamir M
140 Aamil Muslim Variant of Amil: Worker. Effective.. M
141 Aamin Hindu Grace Of God M
142 Aamin Indian Variant of Amin M
143 Aamin Muslim God Have It So M
144 Aamir Muslim Variant of Amir: Populous. Full. Prosperous. Amply settled. Civilized. Also used to refer to a prince or ruler.. M
145 Aamir Muslim Alternate Transcription Of Arabic Aamir M
146 Aamir Muslim Variant of Amir: Populous. Full. Prosperous. Amply settled. Civilized. Also used to refer to a prince or ruler.. M
147 Aamir Indian Alternate Transcription of Arabic Aamir M
148 Aamish Indian Bait, Lure, Something That Tempts M
149 Aamish Hindu Bait, Lure, Something That Tempts M
150 Aamish Sanskrit Bait, Lure, Something That Tempts M
151 Aamod Hindu Pleasure, Pleasant, Accept M
152 Aamod Hindu Pleasure, Pleasant, Accept; Be Glad; Rejoice M
153 Aamos Dutch Variant of Amos M
154 Aan Hindu The One Having Self Respect And Self Esteem M
155 Aanakwad NativeAmerican Cloud M
156 Aanal Hindu Aanal In Hindi Means Fire M
157 Aanan Hindu Face; Countenance M
158 Aanand Hindu Joy Or Bliss; Happiness M
159 Aananda Hindu Good Fortune M
160 Aanandamayee Hindu The One Who Is Very Happy And Joyous In Nature M
161 Aanandaprakash Hindu Wild Wind M
162 Aanandswarup Hindu Full Of Joy M
163 Aanarsi NativeAmerican Form of Anarse M
164 Aanasi NativeAmerican Form of Anase M
165 Aandaleeb Hindu Bluebird M
166 Aandi Hindu The Other Name Of Lord Murugan M
167 Aanga Hindu Yard M
168 Aangsuman Hindu Sun Rays ; Brightness Of The Sun M
169 Aanick Hindu Atom; Smallest Source Of Existence M
170 Aanjaney Hindu Lord Hanuman M
171 Aanjaneya Hindu Son Of Anjani; Refers To Lord Hanuman M
172 Aanjay Hindu Unconquerable; Being Victorious M
173 Aanjjan Indian Variant of Anjan M
174 Aanjjan Hindu Unspecifite M
175 Aansh Hindu Portion; Allotment By God; Inherited M
176 Aanta NativeAmerican Form of Anta M
177 Aantariarsi NativeAmerican Form of Antariarse M
178 Aapa Finnish Variant of Ape M
179 Aapal Hindu Sentiment Of Affection; Esteem; Respect M
180 Aapar Finnish Finnish form of Abram M
181 Aaparaami NativeAmerican Form of Aparame M
182 Aape Finnish Variant of Ape M
183 Aapel Finnish Finnish form of Abel M
184 Aapi Finnish Variant of Ape M
185 Aapikka Finnish Diminutive of Aapi M
186 Aapo Finnish Finnish form of Abraham M
187 Aapo African Father of many nations M
188 Aappalittoq NativeAmerican Form of Augpaligtok M
189 Aappalittuatiaq NativeAmerican The Beautifully Red One M
190 Aappaq NativeAmerican Form Of Aipak M
191 Aappo Finnish Variant of Aapo M
192 Aaprahami Finnish Finnish variant of Abraham M
193 Aaprahammi Finnish Finnish form of Abraham M
194 Aaprami Finnish Finnish form of Abram M
195 Aapro Finnish Variant of Aabraham M
196 Aapt Hindu Trustworthy, Friend; Believing M
197 Aaqaa Muslim Variant of Agha: Master. Owner.. M
198 Aaqil Muslim Intellectual. Wise.. M
199 Aaquid Hindu One Who Seeks The Right Direction M
200 Aar Hindu One Who Brings Light M
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