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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
8801 Ayyappan Indian Father M
8802 Ayyoob Muslim Variant of Ayub: A Biblical Prophet's name. Job is the English language equivalent.. M

8803 AYYUB Arabic Arabic form of JOB M
8804 Ayzek Russian Russian form of Isaac M
8805 Az Hebrew Powerful. M
8806 Aza Celtic Breton Form of Adam M
8807 Azad Muslim Independent. Free.. M
8808 Azad Turkish Free. M
8809 Azad Indian Free M
8810 Azad Persian Free M
8811 Azai Hebrew Strength M
8812 Azaire French Extremely rare and archaic French form of Azariah M
8813 Azaliah Biblical Near the Lord M

8814 Azam Muslim Variant of A'zam: Greatest. Biggest.. M
8815 Azam Indian Greater, Greatest M
8816 Azam Muslim Greatest. Biggest.. M
8817 Azam Persian Greater, Greatest M
8818 Azamat Muslim Grandeur. Pride.. M
8819 Azamet Turkish Greatness, Granduer, Magnificance M
8820 Azan Indian To Listen M
8821 Azania Hebrew Variant of Azaniah: God is listening; God listens. M
8822 Azaniah Hebrew God is listening; God listens. M
8823 Azanian Biblical Hearing God M
8824 Azaniya Hebrew Variant of Azaniah: God is listening; God listens. M
8825 Azanyahu Hebrew Variant of Azaniah: God is listening; God listens. M
8826 Azar Persian Free M
8827 Azarael Hebrew God helps. M
8828 Azareel Biblical Help of God M
8829 Azarel Hebrew Variant of Azarael: God helps. M
8830 Azarel Biblical God has helped M
8831 Azaria Biblical Form of Azariah M
8832 Azaria Hebrew God helps. M
8833 Azariah Biblical He that hears the Lord M
8834 Azariah Hebrew Variant of Azarael: God helps. M
8835 Azariahu Hebrew Variant of Azarael: God helps. M
8836 Azarias Biblical Form of Azariah M
8837 Azarias Latin Form of Azariah M
8838 Azarious Hebrew God helps. M
8839 Azarius Hebrew Helped by god M
8840 Azarlah Hebrew Whom God helps. The name Azalrah was given to several Old Testament characters, including a king of Judah. M
8841 Azaroth Hebrew The World M
8842 Azarya Hebrew Variant of Azarael: God helps. M
8843 Azaryah Hebrew God helps. M
8844 Azaryah Biblical Form of Azariah M
8845 Azaryahu Hebrew God helps. M
8846 Azat Turkish Form of Azad M
8847 Azat Armenian Form of Azad M
8848 Azaz Biblical Strong one M
8849 Azazel Biblical The scape-goat M
8850 Azaziah Biblical Strength of the Lord M
8851 Azazias Latin Latin form of Azaziah M
8852 Azazias Biblical Form of Azaziah M
8853 Azazyahu Biblical Form of Azaziah M
8854 Azbai Biblical Variant Transcription of Ezbai M
8855 Azeal Hebrew Made of God M
8856 Azeem Arabic Variant of Azim: Defender. M
8857 Azekah Biblical Strength of walls M
8858 Azel Hebrew Variant of Atzel: Noble. M
8859 Azfar Muslim Most Victorious.. M
8860 Azgad Biblical A strong army; a gang of robbers M
8861 Azhagan Indian Beautiful M
8862 Azhagu Hindu Beauty Beautiful M
8863 Azhar Indian Shining, Bright M
8864 Azhar Muslim Luminous. Brilliant. Clear. Evident.. M
8865 AZHAR Arabic "shining, bright" in Arabic. M
8866 Azi African Nigerian name meaning 'youth'. M
8867 Azibo Egyptian Earth. M
8868 Aziel Hebrew God is my power. M
8869 Aziel Biblical God Is My Strength M
8870 Aziel African The Lord is my strength M
8871 Azilvlo Hungarian Hungarian form of Silvio M
8872 Azim Arabic Defender. M
8873 Azim Indian Magnificent, Great, Powerful M
8874 Azim African Protector M
8875 Azim Arabic Protector M
8876 Azim Persian Magnificent, Great, Powerful M
8877 Azim Turkish Perseverance M
8878 Azimullah Indian Magnificence of Allah M
8879 Azio Italian owl M
8880 Aziraphale Hebrew My Strength M
8881 Aziz Indian Powerful, Respected, Beloved M
8882 AZIZ Arabic Alternate transcription of Arabic M
8883 Aziz Arabic Powerful. M
8884 Aziz Turkish Turkish form of Aziz M
8885 Aziz Persian Powerful, Respected, Beloved M
8886 Azizi Arabic Precious. M
8887 Azizi Egyptian Precious. M
8888 Azizullah Indian Dear, Darling M
8889 Azizullah Persian Dear to Allah M
8890 Azland Hebrew Powerful M
8891 Azmat Indian Greatness, Might, Importance M
8892 Azmaveth Biblical To Be Strong M
8893 Azmon Biblical 'Bone of a bone, our strength' M
8894 Aznavour Armenian Variant of Aznavur M
8895 Aznavur Armenian Bulky, Offensive, Sullen And Tough Person M
8896 Aznoth-tabor Biblical The ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition M
8897 Azobai Biblical Form of Ezbai M
8898 Azor Biblical A helper; a court M
8899 Azotus Biblical Diffusion; inclination; theft M
8900 Azrael Hebrew God's help. M
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