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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ba-Al Biblical Lord, Master, Possessor M
2 Ba-Al-Zevuv Biblical Lord, Master, Possessor M

3 Baabar Muslim Variant of Babar: Lion. King of jungle.. M
4 Baahir Muslim Variant of Bahir: Dazzling. Brilliant.. M
5 Baako African Baby first born M
6 Baal Biblical Master; lord M
7 Baal Latin Variant Spelling of Ba-Al M
8 Baal Biblical Variant Spelling of Baal M
9 Baal-berith Biblical Idol of the covenant. M
10 Baal-gad Biblical Idol of fortune or felicity. M
11 Baal-hamon Biblical Who rules a crowd M
12 Baal-hermon Biblical Possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed M
13 Baal-meon Biblical Idol or master of the house M

14 Baal-peor Biblical Master of the opening M
15 Baal-perazim Biblical God of divisions M
16 Baal-shalisha Biblical The god that presides over three; the third idol M
17 Baal-tamar Biblical Master of the palm-tree M
18 Baal-zebub Biblical God of the fly M
19 Baal-zephon Biblical The idol or possession of the north, hidden, secret. M
20 Baalaaditya Indian Risen Sun M
21 Baalaark Indian Rising Sun M
22 Baalath Biblical A rejoicing; our proud lord M
23 Baalath-beer Biblical Subjected pit. M
24 Baali Biblical My idol; lord over me M
25 Baalim Biblical Idols; masters; false gods M
26 Baalis Biblical A rejoicing; a proud lord M
27 Baalzebub Biblical The devil; fallen angel M
28 Baana Biblical Son of Affliction M
29 Baanah Biblical Variant of Baana M
30 Baaqir. Baqeer Muslim Variant of Baqir: Deeply learned. Genius.. M
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