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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
4101 Burr Norse Young. M
4102 Burr Scandinavian Youth. M

4103 Burr Swedish Young. M
4104 Burrell English Fortified. See also Berlyn. M
4105 Burrell French Reddish. M
4106 Burrell African A countryman M
4107 Bursone English Son of Byrne. M
4108 Bursuq Hindu A man with a badger face M
4109 Burt English Derived from the Old English 'beorht' meaning bright, glorious. Also used as a name derived from the surname and place name Burton, meaning fortified enclosure. Famous bearers: American actors Burt Lancaster and Burt Reynolds. M
4110 Burt African A settlement near a fort M
4111 Burton African A settlement near a fort M
4112 Burton English From the fortified town. M
4113 Burtt English Variant of Bert: Bright light. M

4114 Burty English Variant of Bert: Bright light. M
4115 Busby Norse Dwells at the village. M
4116 Busby Scottish Forest village. M
4117 Busbyr Norse Dwells at the village. M
4118 Bushka Russian Grandmother M
4119 Bushy Shakespearean 'King Richard The Second' A favorite of King Richard. M
4120 Buster English Derived from a nickname used in the United States, occasionally used as a first name in honour of American silent film comic actor Buster Keaton. M
4121 Buster African One who breaks things M
4122 Bustianu Italian Short form of Sebistianu M
4123 Busujima Japanese Sacrifice, Innovative, Powerful M
4124 Buta Hindu One who is like a plant M
4125 Butaro Japanese Variant transcription of Butarou M
4126 Butarou Japanese Military, Martial M
4127 Butch African Butcher M
4128 Butch English Diminutive of Butcher: Butcher. M
4129 Butcher English Butcher. M
4130 Butcher African Butcher M
4131 Butler African The dispenser of bottles M
4132 Butras Muslim The Biblical name Peter is the English language equivalent.. M
4133 Butrus Arabic Arabic form of Peter. M
4134 Buttafuoco Italian Thrower of Fire M
4135 Buttigieg Arabic Owner of Chickens M
4136 Butts Shakespearean 'King Henry the Eighth' Doctor Butts, physician to the King. M
4137 buttsmithy English Unknow M
4138 Buvdeep Hindu A Hindi name for Boys M
4139 Buz Biblical Despised; plundered M
4140 Buzi Biblical Contempt M
4141 Buzi Hebrew Contempt M
4142 BwIch Welsh Legendary son of Cleddyv Kyvwkh. M
4143 Bwonsamdi NativeAmerican Variant of Bwan Sam Dee M
4144 Byelobog Slavic the white god M
4145 Byeong-Cheol Korean Grasp, Hold M
4146 Byeong-Ho Korean Summer, Sky, Heaven M
4147 Byeong-Su Korean Bright M
4148 Byford English Lives at the river crossing. M
4149 Byggvir Scandinavian Seed Corn M
4150 Byggvir Norse Seed Corn M
4151 Byleiptr Norse Variant of Byleistr M
4152 Byleistr Norse Bee Lightning M
4153 Byme English Bear; brown. M
4154 Byme Irish Bear; brown. M
4155 Bynek Polish Silesian Equivalent of Polish Benon M
4156 Byo Swedish Variant of Bryniufr M
4157 Byram English From the cattle yard. M
4158 Byrd English Bird. M
4159 Byreleah English From the cattle shed on the meadow. M
4160 Byrger Scandinavian Former variant of Birgir M
4161 Byrghir Scandinavian Variant of Birger: Helping. M
4162 Byrgir Scandinavian Variant of Birger: Helping. M
4163 Byrleigh English Variant of Burleigh: British place name. M
4164 Byrley English Variant of Burleigh: British place name. M
4165 Byrn English Variant of Burne: Brook. M
4166 Byrne English From the brook. M
4167 Byrne African Descendent of Bran M
4168 Byrnes English Son of Byrne. M
4169 Byron English Derived from a surname and place name; which is based on the Old English byre meaning cowshed. Famous bearer: The poet Lord Byron. M
4170 Byron French From the cottage. M
4171 Byron Teutonic From the cottage. M
4172 Byron African From a barn M
4173 Byrtel English From the bird hill. M
4174 Byson English Etymology M
4175 Bytomir Polish Peace M
4176 Byung-Chan Korean Grasp, Hold M
4177 Byung-Hee Japanese Splendid, Glorious M
4178 Byung-Ho Korean Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul Byeong-Ho M
4179 Byung-Soo Korean Variant transcription of Byeong-Su M
4180 Byungshin Chinese Diseased Body M
4181 Byx Scandinavian To Jump M
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