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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
4101 Buzi Hebrew Contempt M
4102 BwIch Welsh Legendary son of Cleddyv Kyvwkh. M

4103 Byelobog Slavic the white god M
4104 Byeol Korean Star M
4105 Byeol-Ha Korean Combination of Byeol M
4106 Byeol-Sol Korean Combination of Byeol M
4107 Byeong-Cheol Korean Grasp, Hold M
4108 Byeong-Ho Korean Summer, Sky, Heaven M
4109 Byeong-Su Korean Bright M
4110 Byford English Lives at the river crossing. M
4111 Byggvir Scandinavian Seed Corn M
4112 Byggvir Norse Seed Corn M
4113 Byleiptr Norse Variant of Byleistr M

4114 Byleistr Norse Bee Lightning M
4115 Byme English Bear; brown. M
4116 Byme Irish Bear; brown. M
4117 Bynek Polish Silesian Equivalent of Polish Benon M
4118 Byo Swedish Variant of Bryniufr M
4119 Byram English From the cattle yard. M
4120 Byrd English Bird. M
4121 Byreleah English From the cattle shed on the meadow. M
4122 Byrger Scandinavian Former variant of Birgir M
4123 Byrghir Scandinavian Variant of Birger: Helping. M
4124 Byrgir Scandinavian Variant of Birger: Helping. M
4125 Byrleigh English Variant of Burleigh: British place name. M
4126 Byrley English Variant of Burleigh: British place name. M
4127 Byrn English Variant of Burne: Brook. M
4128 Byrne English From the brook. M
4129 Byrne African Descendent of Bran M
4130 Byrnes English Son of Byrne. M
4131 Byron English Derived from a surname and place name; which is based on the Old English byre meaning cowshed. Famous bearer: The poet Lord Byron. M
4132 Byron French From the cottage. M
4133 Byron Teutonic From the cottage. M
4134 Byron African From a barn M
4135 Byrtel English From the bird hill. M
4136 Bytomir Polish Peace M
4137 Byul Korean Variant transcription of Byeol M
4138 Byung-Chan Korean Grasp, Hold M
4139 Byung-Hee Japanese Splendid, Glorious M
4140 Byung-Ho Korean Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul Byeong-Ho M
4141 Byung-Soo Korean Variant transcription of Byeong-Su M
4142 Byx Scandinavian To Jump M
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