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# Name Origin Meaning Gender
1 Ca Vietnamese the eldest M
2 Caaleppi Finnish Finnish form of Caleb M

3 Cab African-American Cab M
4 Cabal ArthurianLegend Arthur's dog. M
5 Cabbon Biblical As though understanding. M
6 Cabbrieli Italian Short form of Gabriel M
7 Cabe English Variant of surname Cable: Ropemaker. M
8 Cabir Turkish Variant of Kabir M
9 Cable English Ropemaker. An English surname. M
10 Cabul Biblical Displeasing, dirty. M
11 Caca Portuguese Diminutive of Carlos M
12 Cacamatzin NativeAmerican King of Texcoco M
13 Cacamwri ArthurianLegend Servant. M

14 Cacanisius Irish Son of Nis. M
15 Cace Irish Variant of Casey: Observant; alert; vigorous. M
16 Cacey Irish Variant of Casey: Observant; alert; vigorous. M
17 Cachamwri Celtic Mythical servant of Arthur. M
18 Cachari Hinde moving quickly M
19 Cachi Spanish Bringer of peace. M
20 Cacho Spanish Diminutive of Carlos M
21 Cacilius German German form of Caecilius M
22 Caco Portuguese Diminutive of Marcos M
23 Cacue Latin Son of Vukan. M
24 Cadabyr English From the warrior's settlement. M
25 Cadan Welsh Brook, Stream M
26 Cadan Celtic Brook, Stream M
27 Cadao Vietnamese Song. M
28 Cadarn Welsh Strong. M
29 Cadawg Welsh Battle sharp. M
30 Cadbury Welsh Transferred from the surname Cadbury M
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